The most powerful way of learning is by means of teaching

The best and most powerful exercise you can do to improve your learning is when you prepare while you learn a short slideshow which you can later teach to some friends. There is no need to use this info for the public. That's not the purpose of the task. Rather invite some students who are interested in what you do or gather your family around for a treat. The purpose is to learn to a much deeper degree than t's possible with any other method.

You can only share what you own.

There are different ways to learn and the outcome depends on the purpose.

  • If the purpose is to pass a test, then all is packed into the short term memory. You remember just long enough to make it through the test.
  • If the purpose is to truly understand and to use the knowledge for ever, there is no better way than to learn with all of your senses. See, hear, taste, smell and touch. Experiment with your object of interest, analyse and test. When you have a solid grasp teach what you have learned to others. We compare this process like walking around an elephant and studying all it's components.

For example: 

Many of our students order some of the tests that want to prescribe to clients. They learn for themselves what the test entails and how it can be used. This will leave a much stronger memory that just reading the text of a workbook.

Reading about a detox is all good and fine, but to do an enema and to feel the difference is a much more powerful memory that allows you to remember for ever. Everything you try and do will be a companion for as long as you need them to be.

Some of the doctors we have interviewed used all their treatments to support their own health. They have regular hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen, infusions  and many other treatments and can share their passion 20 x more convincing than any of the doctors who never tried the treatment on their own.

Theory and practice are often not a direct match. 

There are many ways to explore health in a very practical way. For example offers a dark field microscope a very powerful tool to check how you respond to sugar, coffee, exercise, hyperthermia, oxygen treatments and much more. You see what you teach in action. You realise how fast a milieu can be changed. This experience will give your teachings wings and will carry the message to your clients much more convincingly that if it's just theory.

You can implement this form of learning especially in areas of your own concern. If you have sleep problems try everything and find out how it helps. Search for all possible solutions and fit them together until it works. Then when you have experienced and found the solution your support is 20 x more powerful and convincing to motivate your clients.

In case you are worried that you need to buy all the equipment on your own, don't stress. Many of the devices can be borrowed or tested at workshops, trade shows and other venues where you can access them best. Some of the producers also love you to review a device. I have many devices shipped to me each month. Some are great and I am happy to sell while others go back to the sender with a note of thanks but no commitment to buy.

Once you establish your expertise in a particular area of health you will see that there is much to explore and test. Your reviews then become a constant income stream to motivate you to keep going. Plus you learn hands on what works and what not.