Standing on the shoulders of GIANTS

The easiest way to accumulate information is by means of signing up to a course, training or seminar. Someone with a similar passion like you has already accumulated everything that is relevant for you. This is convenient and allows you to shortcut your learning curve drastically. The better the course or learning material the better your results. This process can save you years of expensive learning curves and catapult you immediately into a top position from where you start your own ascend to the top.

Standing on the shoulders of giants has nothing to do with overtaking your teachers, but to adjust the solution to your kind of problem. As you have already learned, everybody has an agenda. Now it's time for you to bend the solution to yours.

Accumulating research on your own. 

Another way is by means of research on your own. You can either invest the time yourself to find all contributing information or you hire a researcher and have it done for you. Then you read everything you or they find and make up your own program.

This second process is very effective when you have already a thorough understanding of what you need.


Over the past year I have developed a very severe sensitivity towards EMF. I can hardly hold my phone longer than a couple of minutes. Writing on my laptop has also become a pain. Identifying the problem as EMF sensitivity I created a list of things I need in order to establish my expertise, find a solution and build a business that would help many people while creating another good income stream for me.

I will use this example over the coming chapters to showcase to you how you can pick a project and turn it into a consistent income stream.

To find a solution I first of all had to find everything that's already on the marked and test if it works. I also wanted to have as much information surrounding EMF as possible to support my case.

To avoid wasting time with research I decided to write out this job on  A service I truly love. You can add in a matter of days very educated and passionate members to your team and pay only for results.

The task as in the image to the right was very simple yet required a lot of dedication and time. I had 45 applications and chose a provider with 5 star reviews and a lot of positive feedback.  100% Job Success in 4,331 hours worked indicates a very thorough person. With an hourly rate of US $7.78 Mitchelle charged me a total of $350 for a masterpiece of work. She delivered after exactly one week a 50 page document with hundreds of valid links, research studies, court cases and outcomes and every product link I had asked for.

The next task was to learn hands on how to solve the problem. 

To learn more about different wave lengths and how they effect the body I ordered sample cloth and different shielding materials to test them out. I also ordered an EMF meter that could give me clear and concise information on the different readings (high, medium or low). My initial expense to get all the toys was $700 and allowed me to perform extensive tests.

I also requested some devices for review to measure the results. Every supplier was happy to oblige and sent us devices free of charge in return for a review.   After 2 weeks of through play we had clearly pointed out what works and what doesn't and which idea could be turned into a product that would sell. We made sample products and started a long term test.

You probably remember that passion is fuelled by success. Experiencing first hand how to reduce EMF was exhilarating and a huge step towards a very prosperous future. I will show in the next chapters how we turned this insights into a product that could sell.

Every problem asks YOU to search for a solution. 

And if YOU don't take it up, someone else will. The question is who wants to make the money while helping this world. I guess, and that's just my personal observation, that the main reason for procrastination and not stepping up to the task is the fear of success.

Many people think of themselves in a very limiting way. I can't do that! I am not clever enough! I don't have the talent to pull such a process through! And what they actually say is "I am not worthy of success!" which we all know is not true.

You can solve every problem when you put your head to it and don't give up. Edison required 2156 failures before he succeeded with his light bulb.  I have to admit he was dedicated, but so was everyone who achieved any change. You are just as magnificent as any one else when you dedicate your life towards a common goal. Step up to the task and do it. The world expects you to.