There are two major factors that influence your passion. 

  1. The first springs from your purpose and motivation to solve the problem you perceive. Whatever your issue is that fuels your mission will drive you to success and therefore feed your passion.
  2. The second factor springs from your success. Every experience of success, recognition and acceptance feeds into your pool of passion like a steam into a lake. That's why it's so important to feed your passion with plenty of celebrations while learning from your mistakes.

There are many ways to set little goals that can easily be achieved in order to let your passion thrive. You feel good when you reach a goal and even better when you reach the next. With every success you convince yourself that you can do it. Instead of counting failures, like 90% of all mankind, you count your achievements and by the end of your training feel as if you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Therefore plan your journey to success with many intermediate goal and when achieved celebrated just in the same way as you would the final goal.  All 42 assignments plus final exam can be celebrated for a start. Then add all the rest. 44.) Product assimilation 45.) product description 46.) Flyer, cards and brochure 47. Website and shopping cart 48.) - 51.)  Funnel 1 / 2 / 3 with signup form 52.) Product sale, 53.) Email follow up ....... I hope you got the drift.

Convincing yourself to be a "winner" that can reach every goal is a process that can be achieved in a very short time, just like convincing yourself to be a "looser" The difference is in your awareness of the process. In the end you'll believe either of the two.  So why not choose wisely and start with a conscious choice right from the start.


Start your list of celebration goals. You won't have them all right now, but list as many as you can think of. Do them electronically so you can shift them up and down to have them in sequence. Then tick off each achievement with a memorable celebration.