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Truly Heal Functional Medicine Health Coaching Course

Greg Barsten, Chiropractor

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

I have been involved in Functional Medicine for 28 years and I am most pleasantly surprised at the cohesiveness and comprehensiveness of this course. I have not seen such a program anywhere else. This is something that has the potential to become huge and that’s an understatement. I am over the top excited and cannot recommended this course more highly to anyone who is interested in improving their own health, anyone who wants to start a career as a health coach, or current health professionals.

Jason Gilbert, Chiropractor

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

I can sincerely say that I am 100% satisfied with the course work I have studied and the way it is presented. I feel well rounded and totally prepared to start coaching people towards heath by focusing on the fundamentals of health and not just the effects of lack of health (symptoms and disease). TRULY HEAL teaches a system whereby the coach can tick every box and know that their client is receiving the most comprehensive assessment on the causes of lack of health, plus offer important strategies of how to obtain wellbeing. I can't recommend this course highly enough and would encourage anyone, whether they be practicing health professionals, people with an interest in health, or those wanting to make a change in this increasingly sick and symptomatic world, to dive in. They will learn how this course can not only change their own life, but equally as important, anyone whose life will be touched by a future TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach. 

Leigh Surgeoner

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

Thank you Marcus and Sabrina for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to research and learn through your Truly Heal Coaching Course. You have both done a huge service to everyone by compiling all the information and supports regarding holistic healing. Thank you for all that you both have done

Nina Nohejlova

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

The knowledge that I gathered in this course is very hard to find in any one place elsewhere. I really enjoyed that they didn’t miss one single topic of what I thought was important. They covered all topics in-depth. The guidance throughout the course and supervision from my teacher Sabrina was excellent. I got honest and very personal feedback. When I flunked the topic, I was forced to redo it. Many experiences like this gave me confidence that this is a course that is aimed at really teaching you. I knew for certain that somebody has read my homework, thought about it and commented. My questions were always answered.