This final chapter will clarify probably the most important part of EXPERTISE. It's what you can only see when you study with some of the best practitioners and coaches from around the world.

Expertise means you know more than most others about a particular subject and have concluded a best way to achieve good results. You are the expert that is asked for advice. Which means "YOU ARE IN CHARGE" and not the patient.

Unfortunately are very few doctors, coaches or health professionals in charge. They are manipulated by what the clients may or may not want to do which instantly leads to a loss of respect and lack of integrity.

To clarify let me give you an example. Several of our doctors mentioned that some of their clients do not want to fill out the questionnaire. Other clients do not want to have basic tests. Some want this treatment but not others and to sell an enema is often impossible.

To accept this,  means you compromise your work and reduce the rate of success which in the end makes your reputation.

EXPERTS don't do that.

I was quite surprised so see that many of our leading experts use the questionnaire as filter. If a client is not willing to invest that time to answer all these questions they did not get an appointment.