Follow the followers is a phenomenon that is equally astounding as it is crazy. People proclaim what they hear without the slightest bit of evidence. Neither themselves nor in observation have they witnessed the success of a treatment or personally seen any positive results, yet they proclaim the treatment as if it was a fact.

You will find this behavior mostly in fanatics that try to prove a point. "Alternative is better than conventional" would offer a suitable example. In order to proof that they are correct with their statement they will proclaim "hear say" to the whole world while bitching at anyone that speaks against their proclaimed results. In fact they defend their statements as it they were personally involved.

Followers of followers are often not the authorities. In case of "vaccination" for example  they are usually parents who want everyone else to be vaccinated as well. Their own insecurity of having done the right thing will not permit anyone to speak against their choice. It would challenge their believes and my prove that they have caused harm to their children.

Gaining an overview. 

Our goal is to separate ourselves from this crowd and to rather gain a sound overview with plenty of evidence based observations under the belt to know why and how we decide.  To do that we inspect the object of concern from all angles.

You hopefully remember the story of the 5 blind men discussing an elephant without having seen one. Then after they had the chance to inspect it with their hands they discussed the different parts without ever getting any agreement on what they saw.

You can avoid this problem when you take the time and inspect anything you promote with care and from all angles. Never believe what you were told, before you do not see it for yourself or have the evidence that it really works and how, when and where it provides best results.

We did exactly that in developing the TRULY HEAL APP and coaching program. We gathered the evidence, collected research studies, checked what types of cancers were successfully treated and how efficient the treatment was. We looked at pro and contra of each of the different options and through that learned that all of these cures had little chance of success if the root cause was not resolved.

Thousands of patients have vitamin C, laetrile (b17) or Artimesia infusions with no success. Even combined with GcMAF (proclaimed super cure) or suppositories filled with THC and CBD supported with Hyperthermia and energy medicine was the result more than questionable, until the patient changed whatever made them sick.

The conclusion to establish first a healing environment for the body and mind came from observing patients that made some radical changes after being diagnosed. They walked out of their relationships, dropped a stressful job, changed lifestyle in a big way or resolved whatever made them sick in the first place. The effects of such radical changes were sometimes so shocking that even doctors could hardly believe that reversal was possible in such a short time.

It also showed us that healing has nothing to do with Vitamin C or THC deficiencies, but with a whole mindset that requires change. Stress is just as bad as toxins or hormone imbalances. No reason can be ignored.


Imagine someone asks you for advice on how to deal with cancer. Write down all the recommendations you normally give and check them under the light of the above.

  • Do you know that these treatments work or are you proclaiming hear say.
  • List each treatment individually and search for evidence.
  • Who has used the treatment and how was the success?
  • Did they do anything else at the same time?
  • Did they drastically change their lifestyle as well?
  • How long ago did that happen?
  • Do you still have contact?
  • Can you still reach the person?