The physical body is the sum total of our chemical, mechanical and neurological systems. It is a masterwork of intricately balanced pathways that work synergistically to create a comprehensive, homeostatic whole. The balance of this masterpiece is attacked from the first moment we are created inside our mother’s womb. The world is filled with detrimental substances, which are pro-inflammatory, oxidative or disturb the communication, absorption and distribution of substances throughout the body. Our conscious or unconscious exposure to these detrimental substances affects our health and well-being. Therefore, when looking at a patient’s physical body, it is important to find the causative detrimental substances or objects, which have overrun the body’s defenses and caused damage.

Treatment of the physical body not only encompasses the investigation of the cause but also a thorough assessment of the body’s predisposing and genetic factors. Medical treatments associated with detoxification, immune modulation, correcting nutritional deficiencies and medical therapies are the primary aim in this zone.


The vital body encompasses all repetitive and rhythmic lifestyle functions: eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, working and all other habits we do on a day-to-day basis. These basic rhythmic actions directly provide our physical body its life force. Every unconscious pattern/habit that is lived day in and day out becomes a reality.

Therefore, when addressing this zone, we concentrate on daily habits; what, when and where you eat, sleep, and drink are extremely important habits that will affect the wellbeing of the entire system. Working in this zone brings awareness to the patient and leads to the discovery of detrimental and illness causing habits. Only through this awakening and change of lifestyle can permanent and profound healing occur.

The vital body is all about a patients awareness of their surroundings and the influence their choices have on their health. Change in this field can be gradual and incorporates both physical and psychological aspects of healing. We incorporate in this zone any treatment that a patient can do at home; sauna, supplementation, PEMF diet, etc.


The mental body is powered by emotions and thoughts. This zone involves: motivation, confrontation, decision-making, understanding, learning and coping mechanisms. The mental body is the expression of your beliefs and values.

Strong judgments and fanatic beliefs play an influential role in the manifestation of physical disease. The initiation of change begins with an action. The motivation to perform this action is encompassed in this zone. Thereby our actions affect us physically and psychologically. All aspects of our being need to work together for health, however the empowerment and the willingness to act and change is a fundamental part of true healing.


The spiritual body is the culmination of the other zones. It encompasses the patients’ ability to step back and become aware of their current position, making informed decisions on how to move forwards. It also examines the patient’s purpose in life and reason to live, allowing them to see the world on a grand scale and realize they are more than just the subtotal of their body and mind. Becoming in touch with a higher power (energy, ether, god, mother nature…) is vital for human existence and true health.