"With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose".

by Dr. Wayne Dyer


Most chronic diseases are preventable and even reversible if a comprehensive individualized approach addressing all causes is implemented through collaborative teams.

Truly Heal believes that all causes can be narrowed down to 5 simple components: Infections, Toxicity, Deficiencies, Lifestyle/Diet and Psychological. These are the underlying causes of all diseases and imbalances in the body and can be attributed to any condition.

For example, an imbalance of gastrointestinal flora can be caused by: Infection of gastrointestinal parasite, Toxins from farming exposure and antibiotics, Deficiency of soluble fiber to feed bacteria and Physiological stress reducing mobility and blood flow to gastrointestinal system.

However in addition to the 5 root causes of disease we've included Inflammation, Acidity and Oxygenation to these to simplify identifying issues and treatment approaches. As you've just learned all about the different systems you can easily see how any one of these causes may affect the homeostatic function within that system and then have ripple effects onto all other systems. In this section we will explore in-depth the 6 physical causes to disease (excluding physiological and Lifestyle/Diet). We will address how they come about, how to avoid, treat and test for them.

In the Green, Red and Yellow chapters Lifestyle/Diet and Physiological causes will be explored in more depth.

When we are looking for the root causes then we have to ask WHY and not WHAT. We have to look at each individual and put all facts that are true for that individual into the melting pot of the body and add the influence and risk of life’s stressor (internal and external) to the bigger picture.All the complaints that we hear from our clients were established some time ago—from circumstances, experiences and conditions that occurred or were perpetuated long before they came seeking our services and support. We are all biologically and genetically unique and we’re all impacted by myriad and diverse life experiences and exposures.Two individuals can suffer similar life injustices—trauma during childhood, divorce, toxic exposure at a workplace, or even exposure to dairy after abstaining for six months—and yet respond distinctly from one another. Though we all primarily have the same organs and glands, we each have a unique operation manual due to the cumulative life experiences and exposures we’ve had—a beautifully knit web of genetics, history and choices. Not one chronic disease is developed because of ONE root cause. There are just too many compound factors that lead to the disease expression.


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