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You are welcome to the Functional Medicine training if you already have a license to treat.

Our PROFESSIONAL program is especially designed for MD's, Dentists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Licensed Nurses and Chiropracters who can offer treatments, IV's, prescribe supplements and read and perform tests.

Because you learn the same program as our coaches just in greater depth and with the focus of application our coaches will be happy to refer clients to you.

This is an international course and students from around the world can join. We welcome you to participate and help your countrymen no matter where you are from, as long as you are able to speak and read English.

The goal of the TRULY HEAL Functional medicine program is not to reinvent medicine and to discuss new and exciting treatments, but to find the true causes that make your patients sick.

The complete training is designed to give you insights into the development of disease and what to do to reverse it. Medicine is quite simple when you treat the patient and not the disease because the core problems are always the same.


Questions About The Functional Medicine Certification

The TRULY HEAL functional medicine certificate shows that you have been educated and tested in the ability to determine root causes, contributing factors, possible treatments, relevant tests and are equiped to guide a patient with educated advice.

You have furthermore been instructed and tested in the ability to help your clients resolve stress, trauma, grief, resentment and fear from all 7 areas of their life.

Your certificate shows that you have successfully passed the final examination.

In complete contrast to “alternative / conventional” medicine, functional medicine does not pathologise.

Rather it establishes the causative contributors to ‘dis-ease'. Functional understanding of biological structure results in treatment of imbalances and supporting the bodies own healing potential.

Almost every disease is caused by the same short list of culprits. To determine which ones combined make a patient sick and how to work against them is the true pathway to health.

The health market is flooded with treatments, gadgets, remedies and protocols which are promoted in many different ways. Most of what you learn is designed in one way or another to make you buy and sell more stuff to patients.

99% of all these new discoveries make little difference and rather distract from the core problem. The patient, their inherited problems, their lifestyle, exposure to toxins and pathogens and their ability to deal with the effects of life.

The TRULY HEAL approach is clearly scientific, based on research, functional testing, proven treatments and years of experience. It's a personalised approach where the patient is the centre of the evaluation, recommendation and solution.

Yes. 58 in total. After each chapter we check if you have actually read and understood the content. Some tests are tiny and done in a blink of an eye while others require a bit more work.

All tests and assignments are done in your own time. This means there is no ticking clock if you struggle to find an answer and you can always check the lesson and find what you need.

Plagiarism is not permitted therefore all answers must be written in your own words. This is to ensure personalised learning and to prepare you for the real world.

Once you click submit for an assignment it is sent to your teacher. The teacher will then read and correct your answers and either get back to you with additional requirements or mark as passed.

Our goal is to support your learning and to guarantee that you feel confident in each of the subjects.

It is not possible for you to fail. We are here to help you learn and succeed at each chapter until you have understood the content.

Yes your teacher can be reached via “Personal note to teacher”. You can also communicate with them via the answers in your assignments.

Your teacher will always be helpful to your progress but we keep calls and personal conversations to a minimum. Due a large number of coaches and their respective assignments we need to stay focussed on the task.

However if the need arises we ask you to formulate your problem as clear as possible in writing and send it to us in advance. Following which we can succinctly answer your query during a Skype or conference call.

You have 2 years to complete the TRULY HEAL functional medicine health coaching certification. After this time you will still have access to the material and the content updates that become available on a regular intervals, however your assignments will no longer be corrected.

From our experience most students finish the course within 6 to 12 months with ease. Even if you just finish one chapter per week you are certified long before the end of 1 year.

Once you have signed up for the coaching certification you will receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD which is used to access the course as well as the APP.

In the APP you can set up unlimited clients, unlimited notes, search for references and make good use of all the info during your whole training program.

The APP offers 3 different usages. 1.) You can manage clients and book appointments. 2.) You can use it purely as a reference program where you take notes. 3.) It's also a perfect guide for your questionnaire and timeline observations.

The calendar part (1) can be completely deactivated in case you already use a different system.

All Functional medicine students receive a 5 year subscription for the APP from the moment of joining. This allows you to use the app during your training and afterwards while setting up your practice without any concern of renewal fees.

Thats 5 x $900 = $4800 in annual fees.  After that you can renew your app subscription for $500 / year.

All future developments of the app including the ever growing content is updated in the backend and is immediately available to you.


Questions About Cost And Payment Options

Tuition fee for the certification program including your personal teacher, 5 year APP subscription, business training and 6 hours of personal masterminding with Marcus is US $9500

For payment plan options please contact mf@trulyheal.com

All TRULY HEAL certification fees are non refundable. Once payment is made you receive the complete pack with all the content and applications.

In case your fail to pay your payment plan your account will be locked until payment is made within the 2 year period.

We accept Cash, Bank transfer and Visa & Master Card and PayPal. Checks are not accepted. Payment is made through a secure STRIPE or PayPal gateway.

In case you select bank transfer for the certification you will receive on checkout our bank details. This set up requires clearance of funds and manual setup which can take up to 48 hours.

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