CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.001Welcome to “TRULY HEAL from cancer” and welcome to this whole video series that takes you from A to Z on everything you need to know in order to prevent and reverse cancer.

The big issue with cancer is that when people get diagnosed, they either choose the conventional path of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and in case that doesn't work then they try to find solutions in the alternative field.

Some people explore the alternative field straight away, but it’s not very common, because most of us have that tendency to search for a cure that is cheap (insurance paid), quick and does not interfere with our life too much. We're trained to buy a pill, to pop a pill, and that's it. We don't want to know about lifestyle changes, diet restrictions, exercise, daily detox programs and so on.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.002And so products like B17 or laetrile, vitamin C infusions, artemesia, Chinese wormwood, mistletoe, Rigvir, oxygen, ozone, hyperthermia become the focal point. They are well known and they're perceived as a solution or a cure. Just take it and everything will be fine.

Unfortunately this conclusion is not quite true and we all know that. It's actually the reason why alternative medicine has such a bad reputation, because everybody tries these “cures” and we still see people pass away in a slow and painful death.

The same happens with all the different cancer diets. Many people would recommend with total conviction "Just go on a Ketogenic diet and that will resolve it!" But does it? I know people who did just that with no success. I knew people on the Gerson diet that died in a very short time. Others were on a low sugar diet which they didn't really respond to because their cancer still grew. Even the whole hype about alkalinity can be quite dangerous because it will interfere with your gut digestion, with your absorption rates and your bacteria load in the gut.

There is NO one size fits all solution.

In order to TRULY HEAL cancer we start a quest to find all contributing factors that suppress the immune system, burden the body and lead to cancer in the first place and then we resolve them one by one. This may take a little while but the results are so much more rewarding. And to do just that I'm going to take you through this whole course where we look at every possible cause that may prevent you from healing.

Remember to write down points that stand out to you

Just take a pen and paper and work through with me. You can write down everything we talk about where you would say "Oh! That resonates! I have that too!" or "I should be looking at that!"

That is why it's important not to miss any of the sequences where you mark what is relevant to you and what needs to be done in order to truly heal.

We don’t just say "truly heal your body," we add "your mind, your life, and your environment." Because once you get on this journey you will realize that everything around you changes, and usually you have a massive impact on your environment, your friends and your family as well, which helps them to prevent cancer in the first place.