Are you happy to exchange hours for money?

Or could you produce something which you can sell many times?

Selling intellectual knowledge multiple times is the ideal form of earning money because the product only costs you once. When you have your e-Book, training, course or video series, you can sell it many times and only pay for hosting and possibly more bandwidths of your internet service bit that's it.

You do not sell a product. You only show how it's used in the most effective ways. You can teach to your hearts content how you use it and how doctors in clinics use it and only link to the product with a small button. It's like sending someone to a page where they can buy while you have nothing to do with it. As long as you do not tell lies and exaggerate you will be fine. The more details, research and facts you share the better.

LIST = Money / Clients / Attendees / Sales / on demand!

Slowly build a LIST. A list of subscribers that trusts you and loves you. The more people you have in your list the more money you can make with a small email series. You can notify them about things you find valuable, new or super cool. You can share news about a new product you have discovered or you can track them how you use your new device.