We all learn and move one step after the other up a learning curve which in the end guarantees our success. It may take a while to find the right program which fits your needs to guide you on this path but in the end it's the learning curve what matters.

Over the past years I have spent a fortune working with different marketing gurus to find my voice and my audience. It's been an exciting journey with many "AHA" moments and many flops but also small to large successes.

You probably know the feeling when you are close to a break through and know what's supposed to happen but you are still stuck in the process of transformation. I had this for a while now and therefore studied different successful You-tubers and people who create a big following to find out what their secret is.

This quest lead me to EXPERT SECRETS. by Russel Bronson. It's a book you can download by clicking this link Expert-Secrets, by listening to Audible or by ordering the book on Amazon. It's what I call the next step in my personal evolution and because I like this process so much I thought to share it with you.

(SIDENOTE: You have probably heard me explain it before in a couple of videos but I would like to say it again. Learning is great, but teaching is better. Whenever you want to understand a subject far deeper than at the surface you need to teach it to others. You are my chosen audience and I am happy to pass on what I learn in this process. So search your own select audience and start teaching whatever you want to learn on a much deeper level. Many of you have noticed that when you try to explain something that you have to dig far deeper than what you thought you already know. This is how you become a master of your subject)

Over the next few lessons I will take what I learn from the book and mould it to our coaching program. This way you get prepared info that's easier to apply.  I will keep it brief and related to the exercises in the book. If you want to dig deeper, just get the book and start your transformation together with me. Let's have a weekly discussion group and brainstorming sessions to which I am happy to invite other experts.

The reason I love Russels process is because it combines all the different lessons I have learned in the past and adds a component to it that transforms your original purpose into a mission plan, a movement, a culture of followers.


I was definitely not planing my business before we started on this path and had to make it up as we went along the many loops and hoops. Today looking back I would get more structure in place before starting out.  For this purpose I would suggest you download a software which is really helpful. We have been using iThougts X as a mind mapping software for a long time and it's clarified my working a lot. I plan out all my funnels in this software and they help me to stay on track and focussed.

This is a link for iThoughts X. It is compatible with PC and MAC.