Green - The Vital Body

The vital body encompasses all repetitive and rhythmic lifestyle functions: eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, working and all other habits we do on a day-to-day basis. These basic rhythmic actions directly provide our physical body its life force. Every unconscious pattern/habit that is lived day in and day out becomes a reality.

Therefore, when addressing this zone, we concentrate on daily habits; what, when and where you eat, sleep, drink, work and think are all important habits that will affect the wellbeing of the entire system.

Working in this zone brings awareness to the patient and leads to the discovery of the detrimental and illness causing habits and behaviours. Only through this awakening and change of lifestyle, permanent and profound healing can occur. The vital body is all about awareness of their surroundings and the influence their choices have on their health. Change in this field can be gradual and incorporates both physical and psychological aspects of healing.

The second circle can be seen in the innermost part where it touches the blue circle, governing all the unconscious body functions like heartbeat, breathing and sweating in hot weather, whereas the outer parts reaching towards the red circle govern dietary and sleeping habits.

Old habits are deeply ingrained and hard to change, while superficial habits are possible to be changed by means of altering consciousness in the red department.

No change can happen in the GREEN area as long as the unconscious habit has not been transformed and made conscious in the red department. Therefore, it’s really important to awaken the patient to these patterns by all possible means.