It's very important that in your endeavour to heal this world, you do not forget your passion. This journey has nothing to do with giving yourself up for a good cause, but rather playing to your greatest strength. You have to love what you do and do what you love to excel with your passion.

  • If your passion is to hold hands and to be close to people in need then build your business around a hands on practice.  Surround yourself with love, empathy, touch or an open ear. Work with people and feel how everything you share returns back to you in many ways.
  • If your passion is to motivate and to kick but, then start to train stagnant people. There are millions that need a lot of motivation to get into gear and all of them just wait for YOU!
  • If your passion is to study and learn then become a teacher. No one learns faster than those who teach. Therefore share what you learn and inspire others with knowledge.
  • If your passion is to write, then educate the world with words. Always play to your strength. It is what helps you to greatness.
  • If your passion is inspire with success then heal yourself and share how you do it with the world.
  • There are hundreds of examples on how you can bring light into the darkness with the special talent and passion you possess.

Sometimes it's easy to slip into a role which is not tailored to your characteristics or strengths because you mimic others. That's not healthy and will bring you to stumble and fall and abandon your endeavour. Rather become very clear what you want to do and who you want to work with. Decide this right at the onset of your career.  Never forget to do what you love most, and use it to your advantage.

My personal experience: 

I love research, learning and teaching but I have little patience to work with clients one on one. Despite knowing that I have little patience I fell into the trap of offering this service. Within a matter of 1 single email to our email list I was booked out for 3 months. It was a great success but also a dreadful disaster. The bad thing was that I was very soon absolutely frustrated how little my clients knew and that I had to repeat everything again and again. The good that came from this dilemma was that I learned to prepare each client before they could see me with a whole series of videos and that's how the cancer guide was born.  Learning from this I now teach those who have the patients to work with clients and are eager to learn a lot more.


What is your greatest passion? What are you already doing well? Who are the people you want to surround yourself with? Patients? Students? Colleagues? Partners? Employees? Or a healthy mix of all? Do you want to work locally or travel? Do you want to work in a team or alone? Do you want to work hands on or inspire the masses? Do you want to sing your lessons or paint them in colourful art? Whatever your passion grow it into a powerful tool that helps you to achieve your greatest success.