There is no purpose if you are content and happy with what is. Nothing needs to be changed and no action needs to be taken.

But if you feel a situation is not what you want it to be then a purpose is borne. You may dislike that people do not pick up the poo from their dogs, or use too many plastic bags or you feel compelled to help those who suffer from discrimination.  You may even feel compelled to report about problems because you think that not enough people care or even know that the problem exists.

There is no limit to what can trigger your purpose especially if you look at the problems in this world.  Diseases are rampant , depression is at an all times high and the future looks very bleak if you consider that common sense is completely lost.

The question though is  . . . . . . . How much are you challenged by what is?

There are many things that may trigger an emotional reaction but only few are strong enough to motivate you to bring change. Usually the only problems that have the power to move you, are those that touch you. When you are personally involved.

For example the playground in the neighbourhood where you kids play is full with dog poo which the owners of the dog don't clean up. See how a small issue that does not touch anyone else immediately grows into a personal battle plan that needs to be resolved?

We therefore have to look for motivation as much as we need to see the cause.

2 people look at the same problem. One is emotionally involved while the other has not the slightest reaction because they do not feel that anything needs to be changed. Your own experiences in life, your own needs and desires determine how much you are compelled to actually cause some change.

We call the motivation you feel "TRACTION" It is the grip your shoes get on the ground. The stronger the traction the better you will be able to shift what is into what you feel it should be.

Winners are different!

Many people complain about many things and dream of a better future but they only talk about problems and do not act to bring the change.  Winners are different. They may still bitch but they also take action.

Looking at all the people we have seen rise to great fame and professional heights one thing is obvious. They are all blessed by a big problem that motivates them to overcome all the odds and to achieve change.


Describe the need / trauma / drama / disaster / loss / anger / frustration / resentment  that motivated you to do something about it. Allow yourself to deeply feel the emotion that stirred the desire for change.

How involved are you? Will the problem be gone when you turn into a different direction. Lets say you are experiencing the problem while on a trip but when you get home it's far away and most likely forgotten. Or are you surrounded by the issue and touched no matter what?

This exercise will give you much clarity of where you are heading. It will give you certainty that you energy won't run out. It can even guarantee how far you will get.


2 years ago my partner was diagnosed with cancer. We felt helpless and overwhelmed by the pressure to have conventional treatments and accepted whatever the doctor suggested. After the first 2 rounds of chemo my partner almost died from the side effects. The shock and fear moved me into gear. I started to research many different sources and learned that there are many ways to reduce the side effects or to use treatments that are a lot less toxic to the system. That's when I found the TRULY HEAL academy where I could learn in 1 year what would have taken me ages to find on my own.

Taking my partner home was the first step into a completely new life. We implemented every possible treatment at home and changed diet, lifestyle and most of all our attitude towards life. Cleaning up the internal and external environment is a massive job and required a lot of consciousness which was easy to attain through the course.  With everything we achieved my partners health improved.

Today 2 years, 4 months and 3 days from when we left the hospital my partner is cancer free and we are both very grateful for the second chance.

Because we both could no longer work, me as a caregiver and my partner too sick to even move, we decided to finance our own transformation by helping other people in the same situation. We started out with 3 family members who were already close to heavens door and a couple of friends we made in the chemo room. Not all of them made it but some are still alive enjoying a better quality of life than ever before.

Today we have a busy little community with over 27 regulars that come for immune boosting treatment and regular consultations to find and remove the cause of their disease. Our own transformation and achievement spread like wildfire and we are now helping others to achieve the best possible result.

Sometimes we are given a purpose that we really don't want. I certainly did not want to work in this industry, but the reward of stepping up to a task is so fulfilling that I would not wish it any different. Embracing life is when you embrace both good and evil. That's when you reach your full potential.