The most important question you need to ask yourself is how you see the problem resolved.

Based on your problem you have different triggers. For example: Several of our coaches offer service for cancer, yet the motivation is very different. Some had the problem of TIME, others were triggered by the lack of OPTIONS or the lack of EDUCATION. Some are frustrated that no one told them that cancer could come back and that REOCCURRENCE is normal if you do not remove the cause. Some are dedicated to help kids or try to prevent in young adults while others work with late stage patients.

As you can imagine is the direction you will take directly linked with your trigger.


Describe exactly how you would like to experience the same problem but this time with a solution that is perfect for you.

Let's come back to the dog poo on the playground. It's actually a problem one of my clients had which drove her insane. Her emotional stress was so high and was  triggered every day that healing was not possible. So we sat down and searched for a solution. The playground was surrounded by houses. So I asked her to visit all those neighbours which would have a clear view to the playground and were supportive of her plea to clean up the mess. One of the neighbours who had direct view over the whole area shared the same disgust and cooperated in setting up a fake camera  at her house which was clearly visible from all possible directions. Then she printed a warning to all the people in the area that the playground was video monitored and that each POO abuse would be panellised with $500. She made a couple of very professional signs and hung them up at the entrance and some of the trees. Then she gathered a few friends to monitor with phone cameras the area until everybody knew that penalty was unavoidable. Guess what. She gained a lot of friends and enemies. Some hated here while others loved her. In no time she had a poo patrol and many happy mothers that all chimed in.

Making a Plan

It all starts with making a plan on how to overcome the problem. Ask yourself: How would I like the problem to be resolved.