Clearing Perspective

The big mistake many people do when approaching a new solution is to approach the problem from a biased standpoint. For example I "believe" that conventional is all bad and alternative is all good. Or Alternative works and thats why it's suppressed. This already tinted viewpoint will prevent you to see the truth. You will reinforce your believes and confirm to yourself what you already believe to be true.

This approach usually does not lead to a new solution but brings old solutions to life. Since over 25 years is Laetrile called a cure for cancer despite the fact that hardly ever anyone reduced their cancer with this treatment. The fact that you want to believe the research and want to know that there is a non toxic solution turned this prospect into a viable treatment which is then whole heartedly pronounced to the world.

We call this process follow the followers. Announce what others have said and believe it to be true without the hint of evidence. Neither you nor anyone you know had success with the treatment yet you proclaim it's beneficial effects to all those you know. .

Clearing perspective is a process which involves you to challenge your believes. The following exercise will help you to do that.

Calibrate your viewpoints

You can enter everything in it's pro and contra state into this little exercise and then find opposing viewpoints.

Alternative is better for example should be balanced with arguments like BUT it needs to be paid out of pocket, you need to change your whole life, you need to do many things which keep you very occupied and have no time for anything else. Alternative is very time and mind consuming. You need to learn and grow and oppose everyone around you with new diets and regiments which are far out of the norm. You even have to oppose your doctor, step outside the norm and even deal harassment. Plus you have to pay for it on your own. It's a very complicated path that sometimes pais out but many times not either.

Conventional is better because you do not have to confront your lifestyle, do not change your habits, it's paid for and the doctors love you. Even the nurses are very nice and have pity. I could keep writing many things but leave this exercise to you. Do it and liberate yourself from judgment that blocks your view of the new. You will only see new solutions and better ways when you are free to see whats there and what's missing.


  • It has many side effects
  • It suppresses the real cause
  • It is toxic to the body
  • .........


  • It is very effective
  • It is paid by insurance
  • It works very fast
  • .........


  • Has to be paid out of pocket
  • Many solutions for one problem
  • Very confusing and often ineffective
  • ..........


  • Does no harm
  • It's all natural
  • Feels the right thing to do
  • .........

You will see where your judgment is out of balance based on the number of arguments you can come up for each column. The more imbalanced they are the greater your clouded perception.