BBP- Are there many people who need your solution?

Your level of success really depends on the amount of people that share your frustration. If there are just a few it's hard to turn your effort into a sound return. While if there are many and from all levels of socio economic backgrounds you are in for a real treat.

The more people that share your frustration the better your business will be. And don't be scared of competition. They are only in markets where money is to be made. In fact they are a great indication that you tap into a problem which is not yet well resolved.

Are there already good solutions? 

once you think you have a solution it really pays to not just storm off and hope for the best but to:

  • research what's already on the market
  • how good these solutions are
  • how much others charge for their salvation
  • and if there are enough people that want to buy

Then study what your competition has to offer and how happy people are. Be very inquisitive and check if they clients are really getting well? Never believe the word of the producer of a product or the doctor that sells a cure. Especially if you deal with multi level marketing. Sales people will always list the few cases where their solution worked (often not even that) and avoid talking of the rest. Test yourself if whats' on offer helps or enquire with others that have tried.

In case of cancer, everybody first dives into all the famous cures of which very few have any clinical evidence. It's like the next best thing to do.

If we would have done our homework and rather spoke with patients that have tried, instead of asking those who sell, we would have come much faster to the solution we now have.

The purpose of this exercise is to find out where you can improve on present solutions and where you need to find something that no one before you has already found.

Now make it your own ....... !

The following process is discussed in the next chapters.