How can you create your own positive movement?

Paint a picture of how life will be like when your clients, fans, followers get there. Your job as expert and leader is to bring your movement to higher ground. The goal is to bring your clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Fear of the future lets us cling to the present, while faith in the future renders us perceptive to change

When your clients fear the future they stop moving forward. That’s why it is mandatory to provide them with aspiration of something better. Not only does this give a client a vision of what they want but it grants them perspective on the change you can offer for their future. Attaining their aspirations in health is one of the greatest achievements. People want to be connected to something bigger than themselves.

Key principles to create your future based cause.

1.) Where can your future clients place their hope and faith?

Without hope they can’t have the faith to move forward. Hope is the fuel that allows change. Where there is no vision or hope people cease to thrive.

  • Let’s make America great again. (Trump)
  • The change we need (Obama)

If you run for leadership, what is your slogan? This is something that you can put everywhere in your emails, posters and marketing materials. Something that gives your followers hope and faith. Something they are proud to be a part of.


  • Let's bring common sense medicine back to the people
  • We fight for our health instead of fighting disease
  • We treat the patient who has a disease and not the disease
  • Together we can remove what makes us sick
  • Let’s remove what makes us sick
  • Together we can create a healing environment where we all can TRULY HEAL
  • We heal ourselves and then pass on common sense to future generations.
  • To know the cure, simply find what makes you sick.
  • We apply medicine with common sense
  • Find your own statement that resonates in your heart

2.) Help to break future clients limiting believes.

The certainty and confidence people get when they see someone else overcome something they thought impossible is phenomenal.

Before no one had conquered Mount Everest people thought it was impossible. Then on the 8th of May 1978, Reinhold Messner mastered the impossible when he reached the summit. Since then thousands have attempted and achieved the now possible task.

So what did you witness, experience or achieve that was not possible before or seemed impossible at the time.


  • Fat sick and nearly dead is a perfect example
  • Lived with terminal cancer for __ __ years.
  • Lost weight and gained energy after 1000 failed attempts
  • Reversed any stage cancer without chemo / radiation
  • Healed leaky gut in 6 weeks
  • From pain and agony to sporting active
  • From brain fog and depression back into the light.
  • Hopeless and frightened turning joyful and happy
  • Create your own transformation story and be as emotional and detailed as possible.

In my next email I will discuss the purpose of a story. A ‘story’ evokes emotional feelings and reactions yet still explains facts in an engaging manner. People always seem to remember a story yet no one remembers facts.

I would like to remind everyone of one important detail. Often we believe that people we admire or idolize are better than ourselves. Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth, they are no more or less than you. Usually it is the greatest pain in life which can bring forth the greatest purpose. However, it is this pain which has shaped us into the individuals we are today. We all have a unique purpose and gift to share with the people around us and our clients. Greatness is born out of a purpose!

The main thing is that your clients see that it is possible. How someone like you and me can reach for the stars and actually reach them.

3.) Let your future client’s self-identify with your movement.

Create a slogan that can be the calling card of your business.

  • I empower patients with common sense medical understanding and together we find and remove the true cause of their disease
  • (Workshop) We / I empower you with common sense medical understanding so that you can find and remove all those things that make you sick.

4.) Create a title of liberty

Remind your clients of your core values and what they stand for as part of your tribe. This could be your note paper giveaway, your screen saver, your battle call, your tribe music, your title song, your welcome message on the phone. Repetitive and everywhere!


  • We make this world a healthier place
  • We clean up all those things that make us sick
  • I support future generations with my health
  • My coach knows what Doctors should know
  • I keep searching until I find what makes me sick
  • I am cautious of “hear say” recommendations
  • I speak up for those who are not empowered
  • I am a star in my own right bringing light to the darkness
  • Find your own battle cry.

5.) Put it all together into a Video Script that intrigues to be part of this group.

1.) My name is ____________________

2.) I am part of a small but very successful community that provides Common Sense Medical Information to ____ patients.

3.) I am neither part of the pharmaceutical industry promoting conventional treatments NOR am I associated with the alternative community trying to kill disease with non-toxic remedies. I make use of either if applicable but see them as tools to a different and unique problem

Our approach to disease in very focused, smart and logical and our services change people’s lives with lasting results.

Medicine has become a “SALE” of “one size fits all” remedies and new age treatments that are supposed to perform miracles. Have you ever asked yourself why the numbers of death and disease increase and almost double each year? It's because Disease = Money.

A wise man once said. If everybody runs one way head the other way. This is especially true when you seek lasting health. Instead of treating the symptom of a problem why not address the root of the problem instead?

We address the decline of health at the root cause of the problem and empower each individual to:

  • determine every possible cause that makes them sick.
  • remove all of these contributing causes and repair the damage already caused.
  • support their self-healing mechanisms so that the body can truly heal

Removing the cause of disease is not only cheaper and brings lasting results, it is the only logical way to stay healthy in the long run and prevent reoccurrence in the future.

As I said above. **We empower our clients with common sense medical understanding. ** The system has proven to work again and again and transforms lives around the world.

If you want to make a real difference in your life join our enlightened community of YOUR CLINIC NAME, then fill in your name and email to the right. We will send you an email with our information shortly.