Now that you are close to the finishing line it’s time to think how you want to place yourself in the market. If you are nervous about becoming a leader then just think back how long it took you to learn what you know today. How many false avenues you had to learn to master your skills. How many hours of research and study it’s taken to be where you are right now.

Once you know something it’s no longer as big and wonderful as you thought it was before. So you may think you are not yet smart enough or don’t know enough. This is where the saying comes from “ the more you know the less you actually understand”.


But this could not be further from the truth. Feeling inadequate is innate to everybody and therefore it’s the most important part you need to overcome. There are thousands of people that have never heard of what you have to share. They are lost and need your help to see the light. The most logical fundamentals to health may feel totally overwhelming for most of our population. Understanding the language of the doctor may be like listening to someone speak Chinese. Let alone seeing a whole picture. For most of your clients it’s way too complicated to see the correlation between what they ate yesterday and the tummy aches they have today. So don't underestimate what power you weald and how you can be a leader to 100 of thousands of clients that are still far away from where you are right now.


You have talents, gifts and knowledge that others are just waiting for to be revealed. People want someone to follow. They look for leadership. Even though your knowledge may not seem to be sufficient for you, for them it is.  They seek those who are brave enough to stand upfront and take on the role as a leader. It’s a loss for them if you do not find your voice.

What is your unique talent? What do you know that could help others. How can you make their journey easier. KIS. Keep it simple. They do not want to hear techno babble and how intelligent you are. They want tools that help them in the easiest way.  May be your super power is that you can translate difficult medical concepts into very simple language everybody can understand. May be it’s finding what makes them sick. May be it’s the overview you can give them so they don’t get lost in details. May be it’s the certainty you can radiate so they feel safe.


The key of success is that you are certain of what you share. Knowledge and confidence are for kids. Certainty is for leaders. So if you want to radiate certainty you need to feel it. This certainty comes from your own experience. After 20 years of gut problems and diarrhoea, food sensitivities and allergies, I came to experience the miracle of ozone and can radiate certainty beyond any doubt. It changed my live so significantly that I radiate this certainty to my audience. I lived the transformation and therefore know it works. I can say the same for PEMF and my Mercury poisoning as well as Hyperthermia to boost my immune system beyond disease.

What are you certain about. What is your unique experience that made you a born leader? Experts are those who have a message that resonates with those who have the same problem and can’t find a solution.


Choosing your niche is probably the most important decision of all. If it’s too mainstream you are lost in red waters with too many sharks fighting for the same client. If you are too far out there you may not attract the most clients. Extremists are not that common and usually have little money. So finding your niche becomes a really important task.

Let me give you an explanation. If you teach that healing leaky gut is only possible with bone broth and the Gaps diet you have a small audience (vegetarians are automatically excluded)  and already some big names competing in that industry. If you on the other hand teach how to do it much easier with ozone and have your own experience plus research to back it up you are in a blue ocean which no competition. You found something that no one else has plus you have a product to sell.

The same is true for coaching. If you tell people how to live a healthy life, from a one size fits all perspective, then you have thousands of sharks fighting for the same client. The same is true for selling remedies. Selling what 1 million others already promote is a tough job and very frustrating. Never compete with the masses. You drown in a market that is swamped and very competitive. You have to be different from everyone in your market.


Some of you will have one niche and stick with it. Like Dr. Axe is all about gut health and healing the gut so may you set yourself up as an expert in one niche. This is actually wise because you will have a much better chance to succeed in a short time.

If you are like me you rather build one funnel after the other and address multiple niches that surround a particular therapy. In my ozone funnels for example I address all possible diseases that can be successfully supported or treated with ozone. Through that I open more doors for people who may buy our power bundle. In this case I am not known as the …….. (problem) ….. solver but rather the ozone educator. This is fine for me because I am passionate about ozone for all it’s applications but it also is a lot more work.  It still means I have to finish one funnel at a time and make them work.

The key in all of these leadership roles is that you elevate yourself into a blue ocean that few even know exists. Find a niche that has a particular problem that YOU can solve and then describe your solution in a way that sets you apart. The process is very simple. What are you most passionate about?

Main Market: Health
Sub Market: Leaky Gut, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, …...
Niche Problems: Food sensitivities, allergies, chemical sensitivity, fatigue, brain fog, toxins, inflammation…..

You notice that your niche is the symptom people experience. If you target Leaky Gut many won't know what you talk about. Especially those who have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis.  But when you talk about explosive diarrhoea, indigestion, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivity, inflammation or energy breakdown after lunch they can relate.

Then find out how many experts compete in this particular niche? What do they have to offer? Is their offer easy and effective?

How is your offer easier and better? Is your solution innovative? (Improvement offers usually do not work) You need to have something which is not yet common knowledge. What new opportunity do you have to offer?


Here are some questions to get you started with this process.

How much did you have to learn to get where you are now?

Was this an easy learning curve?

Was it expensive?

Have you found solutions that worked?

Have you overcome the problem yourself?

What is your Expertise?

What are the symptoms your clients should experience for you to be of help?

What is your new opportunity?

Can you radiate certainty?

How is your solution different from what’s already on the market?

In the next email I will address the process of creating your offer in a much more detail.