34. Love

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.033The last subject in this field that I would like to talk about is love. Not the kind of love you're probably thinking about.

Not being in love, but love and gratitude for people in your life. And again, it's not about them but about you.

There is a great perspective that all of the great people in the world have used. Emerson, Einstein, everybody used it. The crux of it is that "you are simply the mirror I need in order to see myself." If you see something in others that you admire or like, it means you see that in yourself. That is why you see it and appreciate it in others.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.034If you go to a dog club because you have a dog and like them, then the others who have dogs must also be nice people! You admire in them what you love in yourself. If you love boats and fishing then with other fisherman that have a boat, you think, hey, they must be nice people too! You appreciate in others what you love in yourself. Really significant.

But it's also true that you hate in others what you hate in yourself. If you see someone who is stuck or stagnant, or isn't doing what you think they should be doing, and you get angry with them, turn that instantly around. Say to yourself "What should I be changing? Where am I stuck? Where am I stagnant? What don’t I do that I should be doing?". As soon as you realise that, you can go to those people and say "Thank you so much for making me aware!". Because it's always only about you.

The problems you see in another person are actually a reflection of your problems. Someone else may look at the same person and see completely different things, like their greatness! Where you might criticize, they might think they're awesome because they have the same passions!

Everything that you see in this world, every motion, every situation is a looking glass or a mirror that you have in order to see yourself. It's a fantastic exercise that I would like you to do with everybody that challenges you. It will help you learn to see yourself and then to move forward to resolve those issues. Then all of a sudden your life will drastically improve.


This concludes the Truly Heal Yourself cancer prevention guide. We hope you've enjoyed your time and gained some valuable information. Feel free to go back over any of the lessons. You may pick up something you missed the first time. The information in this guide is always available to you and will not expire.

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