32. Balance

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.029Balance is also crucial. Eventually everyone encounters the problem of overexertion. I've touched on this briefly before – you know when you dive into your work, then you work and work and work, and then.... have a big breakdown. After this you need time to recover for a few days, you get a cold, or something else happens and you can't concentrate anymore. Then, once you're all better, you get back up and put yourself through the same thing again! In the slide, you can see that in the curve, it is actually quite taxing on you because it's a very exhausting cycle of highs and lows.

Now you could, instead of having those breaks and that balance forced on you, decide to find that balance on your own. I had to learn that the hard way. I'm one of those workaholics. I'm out there and I'm doing and doing and doing. It just doesn't work.

Try something such as balancing it out with a daily walk, going to the beach or going into the forest, wherever you live, and have a nice beautiful walk. Try doing some exercise. Go to a hot yoga class. Just balance it out. Do something else other than work, work, work. You will find that breaking up your day like this will help you find your balance automatically.

This will prevent those extreme exhaustions and will instead bring that balance towards you in a very controlled way. Therefore you'll be able to work for longer periods of time and not exhaust yourself. Those extreme exhaustions cost you dearly in regards to your health. They need so much repair time, and that's why not going there in the first place – just working adequately and balancing it out – is really crucial.

It can also provide you with justification and permission for your next holiday!