30. Motivation

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.024The next subject that I would like to look at is motivation. There are two forms of motivation, as we all know. One is pain – I have a disease and that's why I have to do it. The other one is inspiration.

When you have someone that has a passion for a subject – let's say you sit by chance beside me in an airplane and we have a ten hour flight. The subject will definitely move towards health, and then you'll have me rambling on for 10 hours. If you have someone with a passion for a subject – like me – they just don't shut up about it! They want to drag you into their passion. If somebody loves soccer? Well they will do the same. They want to inspire you to be as excited as they are.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.025That's something you can use. You might have a mindset that thinks "Oh god, I'm not allowed gluten, I'm not allowed dairy, I have to go on this paleo diet!" How do you solve that? Let's say you're trying to eat only raw salad. You'll do it for two days and then you'll stop because it's bland and tastes horrible. That's not a solution.

Instead of using the pain to go back to your old ways, go and find a community that does and loves what you need to learn. All of a sudden they will drag you along and inspire you, share recipes and make beautiful things. Be very honest with yourself here, you've been to one of those restaurants where they love cooking organic, raw, or paleo – whatever diet you're on - they can and do make many beautiful dishes. They taste fantastic! It doesn't need to be dull and boring.

It's a learning process. In the same way that if you need to do more exercise, you should find a community that you can join. If they love doing it then that will radiate over to you. Using inspiration instead of pain and suffering as a motivation is a lot easier, especially when we're talking about prevention. An important point to remember is that when you want to resolve something you should never, ever go out on your own and try it. It's too hard and you're just going to fall backwards. Learn from those that are already doing. Go into a group of people that can show you and teach you through courses, seminars, and workshops. Learn it, and then it will be very easy to implement into your own life.