29. Purpose

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.017Welcome to the spiritual department of Truly Heal – and I'm NOT talking about religion. I'm talking about the soul, our purpose and the mission we have in this world. I'm talking about that stillness and calmness and quietness of the soul, and keeping the balance with our external life.

The very first subject to look at is purpose – whether you have a mission for life or if others have a mission for you.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.018Many people have an overwhelming life where they feel that they have:

  • No purpose
  • Bad relationships
  • Bad health
  • Little passion
  • No money
  • No recognition
  • Nobody that says "well done", and
  • Too much work to do

Life can be overwhelming. Unfortunately medicine isn't going to fix these problems. We need to get your life in order. We need to inspire that spark back into your life. Make sure it is something that you love doing and have balance.

This can seem an insurmountable task at times. Life can become too overwhelming. There are too many things out of order. Stress in your relationships, lack of money, no time for hobbies, and the constant need to work can become a big burden. For people in this situation, disease is like a way out. It's an excuse to not have to do too much, and that's not helping in your healing journey.

Remember to write down points that stand out to you

That's why we'd like to explore and address these important areas with you. We need to look at that source, that purpose. We need to look at relationships, health, passion, hobbies, recognition, and work, as well as earning, saving, and growing money.

This is why we're associated with the EQ Academy, who are experts in emotional intelligence, so that we can empower those areas of life. To really get that spark back that says "I love living, and I love being here!". Healing in this way will also help your physical journey to health. We've discovered that people who have had success and fun in life, for them healing is so much easier and faster. That's why this is an important factor that needs to be empowered in order to achieve that outcome.

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