28. Beliefs

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.046This next subject can be very challenging for many people because we all believe in those fairytales of good and bad, of good and evil, of heaven and hell. We try to be on one side and never ever contemplate the other side. The big problem with this is that no one has ever achieved that. No one has ever managed this way. We live in a completely dual world but we try to be single sided. However, this way we lose out on half the fun and it just doesn't work!

There is a beautiful saying that has always stuck in my mind "I've given up on happiness because it made me so sad." And that's really true. When you look at people who are 'positive thinkers', people who think that everything is completely positive and everything is great, usually have the crappiest life. They have bad relationships, they have no money, and they have all sorts of trouble surrounding them. On the other hand people that are very peaceful are usually full of anger or hatred or challenges which they are always trying to overcome. It's always the opposite. Our own inner dogma and traumas create the outside actions and reactions. That's why we should never ever look at the appearance. Always look at the motivation behind the appearance. That's where the beliefs are.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.047There are beliefs which make us sick. For example if you have to be a good girl, you have to be successful because someone else told you to. That is going to pile insurmountable stress and anxiety on to you. Can you really be that person?

I always ask housewives "Have you ever managed to satisfy the whole family?", except for making a cake! because everybody loves cake! However, even then you manage to upset someone who is on a specific diet and wants a different cake. It's very difficult to please everybody. If we look at this from a bigger picture, it's always based on what those people want or need. If you fulfill their desire they're happy. If you don't fulfill what they want, they're not happy.

When I think about the concept of giving something, it always comes from my perspective. Let's say I make the movie Truly Heal or Cancer is Curable NOW to help mankind. Do you think everybody loved the movie or got benefit from it? A lot of people felt challenged and intimidated. Other people felt criticized. Others felt completely opposed in their beliefs and were opposing me in return. Was it only one sided? Was everybody happy and cheerful and nice? Or was there a massive amount of criticism as well? Duh! It was something that I hadn't expected in quite an extreme way, but it was there. It's something that we need to understand. Things always come with two sides.

For example, if someone believes that being a vegan or vegetarian is the best diet in the world. Do they have opposition? They have massive opposition from all those who don't share that belief. If you say the gaps diet is really great, you will have massive opposition from all those who say "bones and meat are really bad and they're killing you spiritually!"

I've looked into every single trade and belief, almost everything on this planet, and there's always two sides. One group likes it and the other dislikes it. When you think about this you will find it all around the world. Let's go through just a few.

Take America for example. Look at the beauty of some of their canyons. Overwhelming beauty! But then you also have a toxic America, spraying and killing and destroying their land. There is both there. They have the most beautiful and the most destructive.

You can explore this with people as well. Let's take Obama for example. A lot of people were very happy with him because they earned bucketloads of money. All the corporate companies such as the oil giants and Monsanto love him because he made them invincible, they have the bill of rights, they can't do anything wrong. However, on the other side a lot of people hate him for what he's doing, how he's selling America to the corporate world.

Michael Jackson. beauty on one side and on the other side being a pervert. Dependent on the viewpoint and your values, he was judged very drastically as the biggest person in music's history and also a vagrant pervert.

Mother Theresa. In the beginning everybody thought what a saint! Until it turned out that every single penny that was donated from billions of people around the world went straight to the Vatican. Straight towards missionary work to convert the poor Hindus into Christians. The Vatican swallowed up everything. Not a single penny went into those orphanages or Churches or to any of the doctors that were working there. Only voluntary work and donated property. All of the money went straight to the Vatican. I recommend watching the movie made about her, called the Cult of Suffering.

i-hate-in-you.007Now I would like you to do this on your own. Anything that you believe is only good, start looking for the opposites. You can start very simply. Think about a cake. A cake is magnificent! It's beautiful! It's delicious, gives you memories of friends, of time out, it's associated with celebrations. You can probably write a longer list than I can!

Then on the other side, what are the drawbacks? If you go through the back of our academy book will find 400 points on what sugar can cause. Inflammation, feeding bad bacteria, liver congestions. Then you have gluten and dairy and food sensitivities and flavours and preservatives and eggs. Whatever it is that causes you an upset. The list just goes on! Now you know that it's good and bad.

i-hate-in-you.005The world is dark and light. The mountains are high and the valleys are low. We never have one extreme without the other. And that's why when you start looking at anything in that way, you will realize that every judgment and every belief that you hold is challenged. If you take the judgment out, if you take your stagnant beliefs out and start to look at things from a wider viewpoint, all of a sudden you have choice. If you don't do that then you're stuck. You have no choice or free will, because you have to decide and act based on your beliefs. If you think a certain ethnic race is bad, you will live in fear if they are all around you. However, it is your belief which creates that.

Unhealthy beliefs are something that we must challenge. We encourage you to look at your beliefs especially the ones that cause difficulties and trouble.

i-hate-in-you.006I once had a lady meet with me, she was really opposed to exercise. It was just how she grew up. She was overweight, she had all sorts of problems but she hated everything to do with exercise. The smelly exercise rooms, running, sweating. It was actually kind of shocking! However, that was a belief that she harboured. We needed to look at the other side of her belief so she could see the benefits. Once she started to look at all the benefits from a little bit of exercise we slowly established a balance. Education and obvious common sense explanations opened her understanding. Then and only then did she have a choice. Before that she didn't, because everything was negative.

This is a really important exercise that I don't want you to miss out on. Always look at everything from all angles. Have fun with this exercise and we'll see you in the next department!