27. Personal Space

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.044I would like to dedicate an area of these videos to personal space because it's a very important thing. Especially for cancer patients. In the last 15 years I have been involved with thousands of people and I've noticed that one of the biggest problems they face is that they weren't actually able to separate themselves from fulfilling other people's duties. They were doing everything for others. Whether it was their family, husband, children, anything. They just weren't living their own life and looking after themselves and following their own passions. They were always trying to make other people happy, fulfill other people's desires, and live up to other people's expectations.

If this is not your case then you can stop reading here, but if it's something that resonates with you, then I want you to think about it. There are many people who have a higher purpose or who think their purpose is more important than others' and will push that onto anyone else that doesn't have their own purpose. It's very simple. If they want to finish studies or get a job done or get their career set up and somebody calls and asks "Could you please do this for me?", they will say "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm on a mission!". Again, it's very simple. They are on their own path and no one can distract them from it. If you look at successful business people you'll notice that they have a plan. They have defined what they want to achieve and are going for it.

However, most people I've met aren't like this. Those people let others put their higher and more meaningful purpose on them. This is a big issue.

So imagine you've surrounded yourself with a little circle and you're standing in it. If somebody wants to come in, you need to decide whether you want to let them enter, whether you want to let them into your space. You need to decide whether you allow them to interfere with your plans, visions, dreams and purpose. If you don't want them in your space, then you need to prevent it. It can be very gentle and friendly, but if you have that conviction, then there will already be body language that shows it.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.045You need to shield and protect your personal space. You need to take time out. If you're sick you need to look after yourself. You can't fulfill everybody's job and everybody's purpose. You need to fulfill yours. That means taking time out. For your enemas, for your bath, for your saunas, for whatever you need to do. It's something you need to defend, and if you don't others will take over. Like I said, if you don't have a purpose others will have one for you.

The stronger your purpose the more you will defend it. That's a significant thing that I want you to really empower yourself with and dedicate time to. Tell these times to others so that they know. Don't feel bad about it. They do the same thing. They look after their dreams and follow their dreams. They even tell everybody else what they need to do. It is your birthright. You are allowed to do it.

I know housewives and mothers often suffer from this. They fall off the path, but it's important to get back on it. Take time for yourself, learn and evolve in different areas. If you are disempowered mentally and you don't have knowledge, start learning and reading! Everybody can learn! If I can learn medical stuff then anybody can. I was certainly not the brightest at school. I wasn't the one that was out there exploring. I was like everybody else. However, I did some hard learning and study and got there. If I can, you can. And believe me, just reading a few things and going through this course, you will see that it already transforms and changes your world.

Learn and evolve in all areas. If you have financial problems or no work, or if you are dependent on your partner and have to ask for money for supplements, for example, find a way to support yourself. There are plenty of ways to earn your own income and stop being dependent. All of a sudden you will have more self-worth, more self-love, and then you can buy your supplements and follow your dreams.

This is really important. Evolve in all areas and learn to say no when you want to. It can actually be harder than it sounds. For many people it's very challenging. But remember, you won't do it if you don't have a higher purpose. If you don't know what to do with your time and somebody comes along and asks you if you would like to go out for coffee then you'll agree, but if you have something to finish, like this course, you'll say "Sorry! Come back next month! I'm a little busy right now." It depends on what you want to achieve. That will give you the power to say no when you want to.

Build up a network of support. Find people associated with something you love to do and find out what you need to learn about it. Whether it's cooking, detoxing, massage, whatever you need, and surround yourself with those knowledgeable people so that you get inspired. They love to share what they love, so don't feel guilty! Soak up what you need and take it. They love you for listening.

Do the things that fill you with joy. I always recommend everybody takes up a hobby or does something they enjoy. And don't ever feel guilty! This is your time. This is your life and nobody else's! If you don't fulfill someone else's jobs and duties they will be okay, they will find someone else and will keep going to achieve their goals. In the beginning there might be a little bit of rebellion because they are used to you helping, but tough luck! They have to learn the lesson that you are now looking after yourself. That you care for and love yourself. You don't love them more than yourself. Remember the looking glass? If you don't love yourself then they don't love you. If you don't respect yourself then they don't respect you. If you put yourself down and put them up, then there is no possibility that they will love you or respect you.

Do the things that you love and do the things that need to be done. It can be as simple as writing a list and ticking them off. You will need a little bit of discipline, but don't postpone it or push away it away. Often the things we aren't very good at we just don't do but put them down on your list and resolve them. It makes you feel fantastic once they are done.

Learn and decide for yourself. Deciding what to do doesn't come from luck or hope or listening to someone else. Sit down, look at your options and research them. You will learn during this course that there are so many different causes and problems and reasons for something. So research, look at what fits well with you and then go to adequate doctors, for example, get a second opinion or work with someone. You will see then that it is a decision based on choice, not hearsay or just someone trying to sell you something.

Empower a minimum of three to four areas of your life. When you have no money, no health, no fun, and no joy it's a drag. So empower at least three areas because empowerment in those areas will act like a stool or a tripod. All of a sudden you are stable in three areas. The first or the easiest one is always to get a job. It can be a job from home on the computer. There are thousands out there where you can make a living and earn money. I actually have friends that earn three times as much as I do without travelling or anything. They just do internet marketing and they do it fantastically and earn bucketloads. You can join our affiliate program and earn so much you wouldn't believe.

As soon as you have work and income you can then put some savings away to get some backbone. Then add on top of that some knowledge in a field. Add wisdom and knowledge in that field so that it gives you the mental power to become an expert. Then work with a social circle and you're stable. It's really simple and easy. We've done it so many times, so don't underestimate the power of empowerment in more than one or two areas of your life.

Listen to your loving partners. Remember, the partners that challenge you are the most important people in your life. Don't go and associate with your nice friends and stay away from those who challenge and criticize you. The ones who criticize and challenge are the ones who show you where you have to move forward, otherwise they wouldn't challenge you.

And finally, accept life as a lesson. I think this is the most important point of all. If you say "Life is bad! I have bad luck! Other people have it so much better!" then you're always the victim. If you think that life is something that everybody, from the lowest to the highest socioeconomic standards, has to learn, then you will be much better off. This is why everybody has problems. Whether you're rich, poor, attractive or unattractive, we all have challenges and problems. No one is exempt.

The faster you learn to deal with those issues, the faster you enjoy life! The problem is always there, it's about how you deal with it. So if you accept life as a lesson, you're already on the winning side.