24. Far Infrared

01-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.155This brings us to the next level - far infrared. The patron of the sun that heats you up. And when it heats you up, it's not like an external type of heat you would experience when you get close to something hot, it is a radio wavelength that penetrates about an inch deep into your skin and it starts to vibrate. It's like your mobile phone heating up your head and your hand when you're on a call, in much the same way as that, the far infrared penetrates into your body. The difference is that far infrared just heats up the blood vessels so all of your blood starts to warm up. It's not an external heat, but an internal warmth that is created. It's what you feel when you sit in the sun, that warmth that comes from the inside. Even in cold wind you still feel the warmth. That's the difference. It travels through the skin, it warms up the blood and then it warms up the whole body.

As a sauna treatment, this is 10 times more effective than a Finnish sauna. This is because in a Finnish sauna you are heated up from the outside. The inside of your body stays cool. The far infrared penetrates you, heats you up from the inside, and you sweat from the inside out. That's why when you measure the toxic content of Finnish sauna sweat to far infrared sweat, the far infrared contains a lot more toxins. So those room saunas that you use for internal heat, that's ideal. If you use the dome where you have 1500 – 1800 watts, it's massive. You really heat up. This is what they do in fever therapies in clinics all across Europe.

This method is finally starting to penetrate the Australian and American markets now too. It's inevitable because the value of fever and heat is just so immense. Every day there is more and more evidence piling up that will eventually convince the ignorant people of its benefits. That's why I really, really love it that we now have the possibility in almost all countries to have hyperthermia and fever therapy even in our own homes!

02-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.163Let's look at the three different forms of hyperthermia.
The first form is local hyperthermia. For this type they use a radio transmitter on your stomach. The lady in this image to the left has different metastases in her liver and colon. The blanket sitting on her stomach sends a radio frequency through her whole body, all the way down into the antenna in the mattress. So, as the frequency travels through her body – and again, it's a very specific frequency like with the Rife devices – it specifically targets and heats up cancer cells.

Cancer cells have a very high metabolic rate. They replicate and consume a lot more energy than healthy cells. A cancer cell has about 80 glucose receptors where as a normal healthy cell has about 3, therefore they consume a lot more energy and they also create a lot more waste products which leads to a high ionic charge. That is where the radio frequencies are focusing. They will automatically travel to where there is a highly conductive area therefore focussing on the cancer cells. Because of this, the local hyperthermia devices heat the cancer up to 42 degrees Celsius, and leave the surrounding tissue cool. They have tested this with probes in animals. They test how hot the tumour is with a needle as well as just beside it. The tumour is always hot. Local hyperthermia is a great way to specifically target tumours as the extreme heat disintegrates the cancer cells.

Treatment-wise, local hyperthermia is usually done in hour long sessions four or five times a week. If you then combine local hyperthermia with PEMF and IV anti-cancer remedies, you really do have a good chance of truly healing cancer. These methods and remedies is why Europe has such a huge tourism base for cancer treatments. Everyone flies to Germany to get these treatments because they have such experience and expertise in this area.

03-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.164There are different devices for local hyperthermia. There is the Celsius device which goes up to a very high power, up to 600 Watts, and can target and achieve higher heat within the tumour.

Then there is the Oncotherm which has special frequencies based on the Rife frequencies. You can see in the image to the left that they use a cooling pad underneath the main device so that when you put it onto an area it doesn't burn the skin or cause any irritation.

04-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.165Now, another version, which was quite popular in earlier times when there weren't other such high-tech devices, was the Indiba. Indiba sends the same frequency through. You would apply a gel onto the skin and run the frequency through your body. The problem with Indiba is that the other devices are self-controlling. They don't overheat and burn. Whereas the Indiba, if you held it too long in one place or you extended the treatment too long, you would never have known the temperature within the tumour or whether you caused burning. The Indiba device requires a lot more experience to properly use it. This is why the Oncotherm and the Celsius excel and why very few clinics still use the Indiba device.

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05-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.166This brings us out of the local hyperthermia treatments into full body hyperthermia. The concept behind full body hyperthermia is that if your body can't catch the virus locally, then it will set the house on fire. If you have an injury on your leg that's infected, you'll first have local inflammation. The injury site gets hot. If your immune system doesn't manage to deal with it locally, then it creates a whole body fever to sort it out. The fever has three main properties.

Firstly, it increases white blood cell count. All of a sudden your body releases massive amounts of these cells to combat the invaders. If you have chemotherapy in Europe, they will also do hyperthermia with you. Even in University clinics and standard hospitals. Through doing hyperthermia they increase white blood cell counts, they detoxify, and they can then continue with the chemotherapy. In Australia or America they just blast you with chemo until you have no white blood cells, and then they say "sorry! Your blood count is too low, we can't do anything!" That's the wrong approach.
So, hyperthermia increases white blood cells. We've seen that even in home treatments. If you look at the blood before and after a treatment your white blood cell count triples.

The second effect is massive detoxification, and the third effect is stimulation of your immune system. It's not only more white blood cells but they become extra active and mobile because the far infrared light stimulates them. It's just like the nasal laser light, the far infrared mobilizes your immune system. The image to the left is of the Heckel bed. It's a clinical bed which has six heaters on top that heat up your whole body.

06-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.167This is essentially the same as what we achieve with our sauna dome. As I said before, it's powerful, coming in at almost 1800 Watts. It's non-toxic, it has an organic hemp lining, and wool insulation. No toxins whatsoever! And it has no EMF. No dirty electricity. The patent they have used has managed to reverse that EMF frequency by putting two plates opposite each other to cancel each other out. You could check it yourself, grab an EMF reader and go in there when it's on. You won't detect a thing! So it's fantastic for treatment. You can do a standard sauna in it or you can also do a hyperthermia treatment, in your home and bring yourself gently into the fever temperatures, which is really great.

The sauna dome is really a wonderful thing. It has a nice lining, it has seven heaters, and the mat underneath. It's very strong and very comfortable.

08-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.169To demonstrate its effects, the image to the left shows the before and after white blood cells after one treatment.

With regards to fever treatment, you could sit in a bathtub and heat up the water to approximately 39.5. Your body temperature will adjust and then you'll have the fever too. The problem with that is in the water it's a lot more exhausting as it depletes the body a lot more than a sauna treatment does. But, it is possible. The biggest issue you would have is that you need to check your body temperature doesn't go beyond the coagulation of proteins stage. You don't want to get in the bath and all of a sudden have a heart attack because you couldn't control the temperature properly.

09-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.170There are lots of tools to help you with this such as the icCelsius device which you can connect to your iPad or iPhone. The iCelsius device helps you measure and keep track of your body temperature. You can see in the image to the left an example of the readout. It shows the temperature rises to about 39 in 45 minutes to an hour. You have to get up to that temperature and then hold yourself at that temperature for at least an hour. This is actually the most important time. Whereas the stage of heating up is where you have to fight to continue. There are certain points that people find (myself included!) it difficult to get through. This is at about the 38 – 38.5 Celsius where you feel like you want to get out.

But once you get up to 39 that's when the actual healing process starts and your immune cells are spurred into action. You want to hold yourself there as long as you can. Then you just get out, wrap yourself in wool so that you hold the heat, and go to bed and sleep. Hold that fever for as long as you can until you slowly cool down. In a clinical environment they control it very precisely. 45 minutes to warm up, holding it for an hour and cooling off slowly until you can leave the bed. This is a very powerful treatment that we cover in great detail. There are a lot of doctor's speaking about this treatment and how we can use it to stimulate and keep your immune system going for a long time.

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CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.003This brings us to the main actor. I just wanted to show you this little guy again. That's a fully active, fully charged, energy filled white blood cell chasing after bacteria, pathogens, and cancer cells. That's what we want your body to look like. Don't wait for things to happen on their own. If you would like to boost your immune system into gear you have these options. Hyperbaric oxygen, PEMF, laser light, far infrared, all of these methods and treatments can help bring you into health and expedite your healing process.


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