22. Red Laser

The next frequency range we're going to look at is within the visible light spectrum. We're moving away from the radio frequencies.

01-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.155Within this spectrum we have four main categories: colour, near-infrared, far-infrared and ultraviolet light. Today we are going to focus on a subset of this energy called infrared, and how that is utilized in the red laser products. It's a tool that is known worldwide as a treatment related to cancer, pathogens, detoxification, immune stimulation, and oxygen update.

A main drawback of red laser treatment is that it is usually given as an IV treatment. They actually put an IV laser rod up into your vein, and as your blood flows through, it's activated with that red laser light. If you sit there for half an hour then all of your blood is recharged. All the pathogens in your blood and floating cancer stem cells have been marked, and your immune system can now see them and address them. It's a very powerful form of treatment, but it is very involved. It adds a lot of time in the clinic.

04-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.161In comes the nasal laser. It's actually a really beautiful tool. You simply push it up into your nose, turn it on and let the red laser light do its work. When you do it yourself you will realize that it shines into your whole nasal cavity. At night time you turn into Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

It is a phenomenal device because the nasal cavity is full of thousands of tiny capillaries that are full of very slow flowing blood right at the surface. That's why when you get hit in the nose you instantly have a slow dripping nosebleed. This fact allows you to get the same treatment that you would get at a clinic, but with your own device at home. And don't just take my word for it! Look at the research! Type "red laser cancer" into PubMed and you will find all of the research.

04-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.157It's a small device that fits inside your pocket. To work it you simply put it up into your (least blocked) nasal cavity and turn it on. It even shines into your amygdala and into your frontal lobe and activates your brain stem, as well as stimulating serotonin and dopamine hormone production. It's a phenomenal tool which we've seen help patients make dramatic changes. For great results you can use it every few hours for 20 minutes throughout the day. All you need to do is change the little battery in the back and that's it. Suddenly you have a device that you can carry with you everywhere to keep your immune system active!

The results that this device provides are similar to that of the PEMF devices, but just no where near as quick. It's more like a trickle-feed. This one is a mandatory tool for your treatment that will really make a big difference to your health.

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