21. Rife

01-SpectrumNow, we've talked about the earth's magnetic field up to 60 hertz. That is the first range. Now we're moving up into the radio and telephone frequency ranges.

These frequencies are a lot higher than the PEMF devices emit. Some of these frequencies can actually stress your healthy cells, so we need to be careful in this range. But, they don't just destroy healthy cells. Some specific frequencies can target individual cell types.

02-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.177To utilize this effect we use Rife frequency generators. Rife frequency generators start from 0 and go all the way up to about 60,000 hertz.

This means that they destroy cells at the higher frequencies, but also mobilize cells for detoxification and energizing purposes at the low end of the spectrum in much the same way as a PEMF device, but just not as strongly.

03-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.179If you look at the destruction of cells image to the left, you will see a single cell organism actually bursting the cell wall apart. This is after just 15 minutes of exposure to that frequency. Dr. Royal Rife has done thousands of hours of research under the microscope, looking at certain pathogens and noting which frequencies affect which cells.

As we learned previously cancer cells have a very weak membrane. They don't have a lot of resilience. They simply replicate and replicate and replicate. Because they replicate so quickly, they don't have the time to build a smooth, elastic membrane. Their membranes are brittle and unhealthy. So, if you get the right frequency range that aligns with your type of cancer cells you can sweep through the frequencies that destroy the cells and start healing. This is why Dr. Rife was very successful. He actually reversed thousands of people's cancer. The downside to this approach is that it's very technical. You need to learn about frequencies, you need to join some of the forums and find out which types of cancers respond to what mode of treatment, and there is a lot of trial and error involved.

Although using Rife machines is a little bit tricky because they are so specific, we have seen patients with multiple metastases in their lungs start the treatment, and after about 6 – 8 weeks, all of their cancer has disappeared. The doctors will tell them it's a miracle! But we know that it's a simple process that just takes time and dedication.

In order for the process to work you need to have at least two hours a day sweeping through the right frequencies, as well as working to detoxify and build your immunity back at the same time. If you can do this rife frequency treatment it can be extremely effective, if you find the right frequency and you're dedicated enough to working through it without interruptions. It's the same as if you treat a bacterial load temporarily, they will just replicate and restore themselves back in control very quickly unless completely eradicated.

02-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.177There are two forms of Rife frequency generators. The first is a handheld version called the BCX Ultra. For it to work it's quite simple.

Ensure that you're standing on the two metal plates to help direct the flow of frequency. Then you simply hold two handheld devices and they will run the frequency through your body.

04-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.178The other device is called the BCX ultra combo (or the double bubble as I affectionately call it). It's a simple device which emits a lot of energy. So you can sit back, do your knitting, and the vibrating is strong enough to affect you at a distance. These devices are also very useful if you get a group together who are all suffering from the same illness such as Lyme disease. You can treat them all at once. Just go through those two and a half hour treatment protocols two or three times a week as an ongoing means to keep your Lyme infection down.

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