20. Energy Medicine

In this subject we will look at what we call energy medicine. It's a known biochemical reaction that is induced by electromagnetic energy. In this section I am going to tell you about energy medicine, it's benefits, why and how it achieves these benefits, and how you can get these benefits in the comfort of your own home.

01-SpectrumThe image to the left shows us the entire electromagnetic spectrum. With the radioactive gamma rays on the right, all the way down to the very low rumbling of the earth's magnetic field on the left. Inside this spectrum you will find light, radio waves, satellite waves, mobile phones frequencies… everything around us is contained in these frequencies. PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequencies) are all the way to the left in the non-ionizing area of the image. They are within that rumbling, that low frequency range from 0 – 16 Hertz. It's a very low, long wave frequency. This is not to be confused with EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) which we call dirty electricity. EMF causes stress to our cells whereas PEMF is actually life enhancing energy.

Every cell has a cycle of breathing as they inhale nutrients and exhale waste. That frequency that the cell "breathes" is within that 0 – 60 Hertz range. It's a very powerful thing to understand. The effects of these electromagnetic frequencies is very real. When astronauts in space were away from the electromagnetic field of the earth for a long time, their health deteriorated. This was until they noticed that if they replicated certain factors like the earth's magnetic field, laser, and near-infrared frequencies, they were able to stay out in space a lot longer without the health complications they had before. We can make use of this knowledge here on earth!

04-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.172First we're going to talk about PEMF. It's a very important subject. PEMF is very simple. The device pulses electromagnetic frequencies inside of your body. I have mentioned this briefly before in a few other subjects. If you look at the image to the left you will see that the inside of a cell has a negative charge, and the outside of the cell has a positive charge. The difference between those charges is 80 millivolts. You'll also see a diagram of the ion channels that surround every cell towards the top. As those cells open up their ion channels to take nutrients in and release waste, the channels get clogged up. They lose energy and they also lose charge. Then the cell deteriorates. If you look down to the bottom right side of the image you will see a diagram of a cancer cell. These cells are deflated and only have a 20-30 millivolt charge. To bounce the cell back into health you need to do things such as exercise, walk outdoors, ground yourself, and breathe in fresh air. Even hugs and good feelings can have an effect! But it's hard to combat all of the toxicity that we face in day to day life. This is where the PEMF device can help you.
There are two types of PEMF devices. The first is a ringer device. This emits such a powerful magnetic pulse that you can actually feel it. It will give you muscle contractions that shock through your system and clean everything out. These are mostly used in clinics because they are expensive. The big advantage of these devices is that they do in two minutes what the other device, the oscillating PEMF does in 30 – 45 minutes. It is a very intense treatment. The ringer PEMF can also be used with cancer cells to knock them and chip away at them. This is because the membrane of the cancer cell is not very strong and adjustable. It will deteriorate under the PEMF's pressure. This is why European clinics use PEMF all the time. They have the coil and directly treat the cancer, overcharging the cancer so it disintegrates. Whereas healthy cells just get cleaned out, take up additional oxygen and feel great. There are a lot of these devices in many different clinics and old-folks homes around the world, but especially in European countries. When you see the patients after two or three treatments with their energy levels up, they dance in the corridors like its the best they've every felt! It's really great being able to observe the results of this device.

05-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.174Now, the oscillating device as you will see in the image to the left oscillates through a range of frequencies. There are many multi-level marketing devices around which are severely underpowered. They go into minimal phases, which are similar to the earth's magnetic field. If you want this effect, all you have to do is go outside and lay in the grass for a while.

For a therapeutic device, you want something that really has the grunt to be able to clean out your cells and activate and strengthen your body. To achieve this you need a device which has a 500+ gauss rating. Gauss is the strength of the magnetic field. The Curatron device that we have been using here for many years without a single problem has a 700 to 1000 Gauss rating. It's a top of the range model for almost the same price as those cheap multi-level marketing devices, and it has the power to actually provide you with the results you need.

06-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.173In our workshops we demonstrate the power of these devices which you will see in the image on the left. We take blood from patients, treat them with 20 minutes of PEMF and then take another sample. Every single time we do this you can instantly see the difference. The before pictures are always full of compressed, sloshy blood with high inflammation markers and toxicity. Once they have had the treatment and we look at the new blood, it shows renewed, clean and round cells. The red blood cells are now charged and they bounce off of each other. The white blood cells have tripled in size compared to before and they are crawling around checking out all the other cells for bacteria and pathogens. The effects of this treatment is phenomenal and can last up to two days.

To get great results with PEMF devices you should do two half hour treatments a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Remember how you need plenty of energy to get to sleep? Doing this in the evening recharges your body allowing you to get a proper nights rest.

07-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.175The PMT120 Ringer device is very strong. As well as reaching the same results as the oscillating device quicker, it is actually more effective. But, you need to be careful. You need to be observant and check that you don't have a detox reaction like the Herxheimer reaction. It's important when using these devices that you pay attention to your body and how it's reacting to the treatments and slowly increase your dosage or exposure instead of jumping in all at once.

08-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.176The last image we're going to look at for this section is the activation of white blood cells you will see to the left. This is where the PEMF devices have their strongest effect. This is important because after all, your white blood cells are your soldiers! They defend your body. You want them to be fully mobilized. And that's exactly what PEMF does. The difference after a single treatment is like day and night. The white blood cells are extremely active and mobile and are able to do their job. In a cancer treatment program, this is a therapy that you don't want to miss.

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