19. Natural Remedies

NATURAL-REMEDIES.001aWelcome to natural cancer remedies/treatments section. See the image to the left? That's a drop of blood under a dark field microscope. You can see all the deoxygenated red blood cells clinging together. The spider web looking substance in between them is strong inflammatory markers, liver toxins, and congestions. You can also see that the white blood cells are tiny, highly compressed and immobile. This is what a depressed immune system looks like.
What happens if we give them anti-cancer remedies now? We throw the big guns at them and say here you are! Fight! Our little white blood cell soldiers stand there and just look at their guns. The environment that they are in doesn't allow them to fight!

NATURAL-REMEDIES.001bThere is a study which a lot of people have been asking us about. The RCCG laboratory in Greece have been taking blood samples, filtering out all the floating cancer stem cells from your blood, putting them into a petri dish, and then growing the tumour so that they can try different remedies directly onto the cancer to see whether they respond.

Now, this sounds like a good approach, but the big problem we have has to do with in vitro/in vivo. In vitro (in the petri dish) the remedy might work. But, if we take the same remedy and use it in your body it might not respond at all. This is because the body environment plays a massive role. It's like Bruce Lipton says, the milieu of the body, the environment of the body, makes or breaks a remedy.

This is why just relying on those natural remedies; just going full force and starting out with massive amounts of artemisia or laetrile without cleaning up beforehand is a waste of time.

Remember to write down points that stand out to you

We've found that many of those treatments that respond really well within a petri dish environment don't respond well at all within the body. Everything has to be working together within the body and within the body's environment for any remedy to take hold.

The cost of this test is almost $4,000 dollars. And this is just to find out which remedy "works." It may work in a petri dish, but you're not a petri dish. It doesn't work inside of you. You can use your money a lot more wisely by conducting other tests to find out what your body environment is like and where it is out of balance, and then address those issues.

Let's look at some anti-cancer remedies. Within the Truly Heal app cancer treatments are broken up into different departments. Those groups are:

  • Immune modulating therapies.
  • Natural anti-cancer remedies.
  • Energy medicine, which are things that you can do at home to stimulate your immune system.
  • Medical treatments, which are the treatments that are conducted in clinics.
  • Accompanying treatments, which consist of treatments such as acupuncture.
  • And specialized cancer tests, which help you check on your treatment progress.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.002The Immune modulating treatment category contains treatments that essentially give your immune system a weapon. They help mobilize these weapons via a chemical agent. Things in this category include:

  • Medicinal mushrooms, which are known to be very good at stimulating and activating the immune system
  • Beta Glucan
  • Iscador / Mistletoe
  • MGN3
  • Astragalus
  • Astaxanthin
  • Echinacea
  • Olive oil extract
  • Aloe Vera

Within the Truly Heal app you will find all of these items along with a breadth of information about them, how they help, and what studies back up their efficacy. All of those mentioned play a role in boosting your immune system, but the stronger, more helpful ones are towards the top.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.003Now, if you open up the anti-cancer remedies list within our app you will find a very long list of many different remedies. There are actually approximately 200 different items that have a proven apoptotic effect on cancer. But it's not like you just want to grab all of them and shove them down your throat. You have to figure out which ones work best for you. There are a few key components such as curcumin, artemisinin, and sulforaphane that I will cover in more detail shortly.

What you will find with these remedies is that they are highly dependent on other remedies as well. For example, artemisinin has to be taken alongside high iron to work. This can be a little bit of a danger because, as we have learned, high levels of iron actually promote cancer growth. If that isn't under control and you add too much iron as well as artemisinin it can be detrimental. We have also had quite a few patients who have had long-term difficulties in the liver because of this remedy. So it's not something that you should use all the time, and when you do use it, ensure you have proper observation and control of your symptoms and levels. All remedies have slight issues like this, so it's imperative that you observe and understand them before beginning your treatment with them.

Don't underestimate those standard minerals and vitamins that are included in this section just because they are everywhere in abundance. There have been many tests and studies that detail just how effective they are in the treatment of cancer, so we know they actually play an important role. Don't just pay attention to the famous cancer treatments like laetrile (B17). It might work for you, but as we've learned there are always two sides to a treatment. Have another look at the long list of remedies that are included within our app. Our coaches learn about all of them. We go through each of those remedies, look at all the co-factors, the positives and negatives of them, how they are administered, and what kind of tests there are available. It's a very full on course of study, but it can be very rewarding once you have that breadth of knowledge.

Let's get back to one of the anti-cancer remedies I spoke about earlier: curcumin. Originally it was recommended to be taken orally. The problem with this method was that the levels that are required in your system for curcumin to have an effect are very high, and to get those levels by simply ingesting it you would need to eat a lot. Nowadays almost all clinics are starting to use it via IV. Initially there were problems with curcumin settling in the IV solution, but they have found ways to improve this which means you can increase the dose of curcumin many fold via IV treatment. As a result of these breakthroughs, Curcumin can now be used in those high dose therapeutic levels that really have an effect on cancer.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.005Curcumin has a very nutrigenomic effect which means it affects many of the DNA expressions and enzyme reactions we were talking about earlier. The anti-cancer actions of curcumin include:

  • Stops the action of COX-2 enzyme, which causes chronic inflammation
  • Re-awakens a key tumour suppressor gene
  • Inhibits metastasis
  • Kills cancer cells
  • Prevents growth of cancer stem cells in the blood
  • Boosts glutathione levels
  • Prevents liver damage

NATURAL-REMEDIES.007We spoke about artemisinin (Chinese Wormwood) earlier, but let's go over it in a little bit more detail. When tumours start to grow, they actually call out to your body for blood. This is called angiogenesis. Artemisinin compounds are anti-angiogenic which means they inhibit this action and stop tumors from growing. Artemisinin is also has anti-inflammatory and anti-metastasis properties, and contains growth inhibiting factors.

As mentioned earlier, artemisinin does need to be used with high levels or iron. Because of this fact some doctor's don’t like to use it. Our recommendation is that for a three week period under really good control, if you have good iron levels, then it's certainly something that we would utilize. But, don't stay on it long-term like many people do because the side effects and results from doing this are not very good.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.008Laetrile (vitamin B17) is another anti-cancer remedy that has two sides. A lot of people take apricot kernels and they give themselves injections, and take pills… the problem with laetrile is that it hasn't shown any long-term results in research studies. What it has done is shown massive results in high dose concentration via IV. When they administer laetrile in Europe, they don't slowly drip it into you. They pump it in, and as soon as they do the concentration in your blood increases dramatically, which has been shown to have the most effect. On a side note, if you combine laetrile with hyperthermia it's even more effective! Taking laetrile orally can be very detrimental to your health, as it has side effects such as stripping the lining of your esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. Be careful with this remedy.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.010You might have heard of the Kelly protocol. It consists of ingesting high doses of pancreatic enzymes. There is a lot of research to back up the fact that high concentrations of pancreatic enzymes also digests the barrier that protects the tumour. To get into the science a little bit, tumours have a high metabolic rate, because of that they produce a lot of lactic acid which shields them. When a white blood cell happily comes along ready to address the tumour, it goes into that lactic acid barrier and gets tired. It can't get through it. It's like before in that picture that we saw of the blood, the white blood cells are sluggish and useless in that acidic environment.

This is where the pancreatic enzymes are useful. They digest that shield and allow your immune system to approach the tumour a lot more effectively. Sanum remedies also provide this action. In fact, most clinics who use sanum remedies actually inject the material around the tumour in order to dissolve the barrier and mobilize the surrounding immune system.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.011The last remedy we are going to talk about is sulforaphane (broccoli sprout extract). There is a big hype surrounding sulforaphane at the moment with many people buying all sorts of supplements containing it. Depending on the way these supplements are made up, they may or may not work. This is because uptake is dependent on your gut health. You actually need a specific enzyme that only certain types of gut bacteria produce to break down the salphoraphane. Most people don't have this gut bacteria inside of their intestines. However, some formulas actually contain the enzyme with the sulforaphane.

NATURAL-REMEDIES.012Eating broccoli sprouts fresh will help you with this digestion, but the levels that you would need to consume are too high. EnduraCell has managed to bring it all into the one remedy. It has the active enzyme along with the sulforaphane. If you look at the main effects of the remedy in the image to the side, you'll notice that it's mostly working on the nutrigenomic DNA level. Sulforaphane will activate many of the blocked pathways that you might have and stimulate them so that they work.

If you remember back to when we spoke about nutrigenomics, I mentioned that some people have a very active phase 1 and sluggish or inactive phase 2 liver detoxification pathway. For these people, sulforaphane would help balance those processes out and allow proper detoxification. In addition to this benefit, it also acts as an angiogenesis inhibitor, as well as turning off genes that promote the spreading of cancer, protecting DNA from oxidative damage caused by toxins, and even encouraging apoptosis of cancer cells. All of these great properties are why we have started to include it in our treatment plans.

This concludes our section on natural remedies. I know what you're saying… but there are so many more to cover! If you would let me I could go on for a day or two about all the different minerals, nutrients, and remedies that are available to us. Needless to say there are plenty you can add to your own daily program that will help you. If you combine them well and build them intelligently into a dietary and supplementation regime while you clean everything else up, you will find that all of a sudden those remedies have immense effects. In turn this will slow down tumour growth and spread, and if you do it well and find the right combination, you'll start reversing cancer quite easily.

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