17. Dental

teeth-meridianI've dedicated a whole section to dental toxins so we can really ensure that you know how to look after your teeth and how they are related to your health problems.

The first chart that we're going to look at is a medical chart that shows which tooth is correlated via meridian energy to which organs. If you go to a very good holistic dentist they will check the teeth which are infected (via bacteria load, toxicity, or heavy metal poisoning) and they will be able to let you know what danger that provides for which organs in the rest of your body.

Ideally they work closely with other medical professionals. This is the approach that we found at the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. They have a beautiful setup where both oncologists and dentists examine you and work together to prepare, detoxify and correct dental issues.

If you have any issues of the back upper teeth that has a strong correlation to breast cancer, stomach issues, pancreas, and thyroid problems. If you have issues with your front teeth then your urinary system and ovaries are most likely impaired.

For me this was quite shocking. I went to a trade show and they did tomography test on my teeth. I had the scan and the man who conducted the test said "Marcus, there seems to be a serious problem here. Do you have problems with your gall bladder?" I was like "no! I don't think so!" I didn't really think that much of it at the time. Then six months later I was having emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder. I was warned!

teeth-galvanicLet's look at some of the problems that you can have in the dental department. The biggest one is heavy metals. Let's say you have a gold tooth and an amalgam filling. Those two in close proximity will cause a galvanic reaction between the capped teeth. To demonstrate this you can actually go to RadioShack and get yourself a tiny LED light. Connect the LED to each tooth and it will actually light up! This is due to the saliva and salt in your mouth producing conductive energy. As a result of these fillings you have an ongoing electric current in your mouth 24/7!

If you look at the dental toxins image above, (X-ray of the teeth) you will see a scan from a gentleman that had palladium pins and crowns, amalgam fillings, and gold crowns. That's a big mixture. The biggest problem with this is not necessarily the conductivity like before. It's that all the mercury and silver is evaporating out of that amalgam filling in no time because it's corroding. Couple this with the dark blackening of the tooth because of the gold filling corroding the surrounding area and you have a deadly combination. For these reasons having two or three or four different metals in your mouth is very dangerous. They have a direct effect on your thyroid, digestive system, and nervous system because they provide ongoing electrical stress in your mouth.

Teeth-cavitationsNext we're going to talk about are cavitations. This is something that I have personal experience with. I had a cavitation from a tooth that was pulled out when I was about 18. When the dentist removed the tooth initially, it wasn't cleaned out properly. Years down the track when my dentist did an X-ray he saw a big dark shadow underneath showing a huge abscess in my jawbone. You can see an example of this in the cavitation image above. The white and dark sections inside the bone indicate massive amounts of bacterial growth.

It's pretty simple, when the dentist pulls a tooth and they don’t clean out the bone underneath, bacteria that were in that infection are still present. Then the dentist stitches everything up, the gum closes over, the bone grows over to close the wound and you provide the bacteria with a little cave to grow in to their hearts content!

The bacteria then breed, poop and extract thioethers. Those thioethers then travel through your bloodstream, into your liver and wreak havoc. Thioethers are highly dangerous, highly toxic, and suppress your immune system. So if you have one of those old 'caves' somewhere in your jaw they need to be treated. A lot of holistic dentists will treat them with direct ozone or sanum remedies directly injected into the bone. Some simply open it up and clean it out manually. (Opening the cavity up and cleaning it out is a bit invasive through and personally I think ozone or sanum is usually enough.) Regardless of how it is achieved, they need to get rid of the bacterial load and then re-grow the bone. As soon as they do and the infection is gone, might actually have a fighting chance to get rid of cancer. It's directly linked.

Teeth-rootcanalsThe next thing I would like to talk about is root canals. The biggest problem with root canals is that once the tooth is cleaned out and they have filled the nerve string in the middle, it seems to be all nice and clean and clear. But then you go home and get sick. Every day it gets worse and worse and you don't know why, because you don't have any feeling left in there. There are no nerves to let you know! But the results of this are devastating.

If you look at the image of the single X-Rayed tooth with the cartoon cross section on the right you will see a section that looks a bit like a coral reef. That's the dentin. Outside of that you have the enamel. Inside you have the nerve that supplies the blood to the tooth and keeps it alive. If that's drilled out and filled up, then you still have the dentin, which is the soft material between the enamel and the root. It is exactly like coral in the sense that it has thousands of tubules all throughout it with a surface area miles long if stretched out. What do these holes fill up with? Bacteria! Now that it's not protecting itself, it's a perfect breeding ground for them. It's moist, warm and has plenty of nourishment coming through. Then just as they do with a cavitation, they leech thioethers out into the body.

There are a lot of dentists who say "Oh we just treat with ozone. You can save it" and they drill it out. The problem is, to perforate that and to kill everything off is only a short term solution. The bacteria simply grow back. Once the body is sensitized and has learned to react and the bacteria load bounces back you, will have the same symptoms and problems as before. I'm telling you this just so that you're careful about what your dentist suggests.

Ozone is a very good treatment because it sterilizes the area. In my case when they opened up my cavitation to clean it out I could actually feel the pressure that was building up inside there. Funnily enough, once that toxic load was released and they had completely cleaned it out, killed all the bacteria and drilled out the old bone mass, the next day the whole inside of my mouth and my lips had hundreds of blisters!

If you try and do this without a knowledgeable clinic that can help you deal with that bacterial load it can be very dangerous. They took good care of me. I was on the drip, I had IV, a blood wash with ozone, glutathione, Vitamin C infusions. They gave me all of these things to boost my immune system and help me take care of that bacterial load.

dentist-killerI recommend to all patients that first of all you prepare yourself before you go to the dentist. Check for a dentist who really has all the means to protect you. Make sure they have the right equipment. Rubber lining, tooth isolation materials, suction, etc. and ensure that they have all the surrounding medical support that is required to deal with bacteria and toxicity so that they don't poison you even further.

When we released our movie Cancer is curable NOW we had a bit of a problem with this. A lot of people went to their dentists and said I need to get this and this done, but they did it with conventional dentists. Unfortunately, afterwards their cancer exploded. When you drill out mercury without the proper precautions, you release so many toxins into your system that it can actually be what kills you.

So, be very careful. If you have an impaired DNA process and your liver can't break down toxins, then you release massive amounts into your system that can be the final thing to push you over the edge. So be very careful. Prepare. Speak with a physician before you get going. Look at your liver detox pathways and then address them step by step so that your body is never too overwhelmed. Do it in the proper sequence so that your body can handle it perfectly.

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