16. Infections

02-BACTERIA.001Welcome to the wonderful world of bacteria, viruses and infections! This subject is near and dear to me right now because we just did an experiment with the family here. We took a cotton swab and swabbed mums phone, the door handle, and in the toilet, then we cultured those swabs on a petri dish and watched it grow over several days. I tell you, you wouldn't touch a door handle any more if you knew what was on there!

The point of this exercise was to show my kids that bacteria and viruses are everywhere. There aren't spontaneous pandemics and epidemics all of a sudden! Viruses and bacteria are all around us and already inside of you. Seeing this in action in another situation actually turned me into a vegetarian. We were at home one day and my parents got a chicken out to defrost. I can't remember exactly what, but something happened and we were out of the house for two or three days. When we came back, that chicken (which before was really nice and clean) almost walked off the table it was so gross! It looked horrible and slimy and it was writhing with maggots! It was really disgusting.

01-PETRI-DISH.001This just goes to show that it's part of nature. You have two million different types of bacteria living inside of you. You can see this in carcasses on the side of the road, they seem to blow up like balloons. This is due to the bacteria inside starting to digest and work their way through the innards as soon as there is no immune system to keep them in check. That bloating is simply the gas the bacteria produces.

When you think about it, everything is already there within us. You could be tested right now. You probably have HIV, Helicobacter Pylori, and plenty of other infections in your system but in very moderate levels just like everyone else. If your immune system is weakened then it doesn't have the power it needs in order to deal with all the pathogens. That's when they start growing and growing just like in the petri dish. Our bodies are perfect for them. They are moist, warm, and have plenty of food. That's a dream environment for bacteria to grow. If there is no one to hold them under control (i.e. your immune system is weakened or suppressed) they will flourish.

They are always there! Don't think that you got sick because somebody coughed on you. It's not true! It's because your immune system is under stress. That's why instead of looking for the culprit of infections, we need to look at what is suppressing your immune system in the first place.

White Blood CellsOne of the causes of this suppression, that you might have heard me mention before, is stress! Stress is really detrimental. In a person that is highly stressed you can see that their immune cells are compressed, stagnant, and inactive. Also, if you are highly alkaline or acidic and you have an imbalance of pH levels in your plasma, then those little white blood cells will be tired and lazy too. They will be highly compressed and unable to move. Did I hear you say inflammation? I know, I know, we've talked about inflammation a lot in gut health and in deficiencies and every other department, but that's because it's relevant everywhere.

All of these factors suppress your immune system. And if your white blood cells can't do their job properly then pathogens and bacteria start to grow just like they did in our petri dishes. This is why any kind of infection needs to be dealt with, but preferably not just with antibiotics, which kills off all life (including your good bacteria). You need to deal with your bacteria by activating and boosting your immune system. When you do that it takes care of the job.

05-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.166This brings me to a treatment that is very publicly used in Europe but not everywhere else in the world. Fever or hyperthermia. Let's get this straight, fever is not a disease! Fever is a healing reaction that your body has to disease. When children grow up, they naturally have those massive fever bursts. Normally, they develop measles or chicken pox. These are children's diseases that are necessary for their personal development. Rudolph Steiner developed a concept that stipulated which kind of infection, and therefore immune reaction, is necessary for the development of a healthy immune system. He posited that children need to go through those fever bursts in order to develop mentally and physically and spiritually, and I think he was on the right track.

What do we do today? We suppress fevers with medicine. "Fever is dangerous! Fevers can kill people!", they say. Well if we don't have a fever then we just die of the infection because the fever is the only way to activate your immune system so that it can actually take care of the virus. If you get the flu what is your bodies healing reaction? It will knock you out, put you to bed for one or two days with a fever. Two days later you have grown spiritually, mentally, and physically. And now there are so many white blood cells in your body to catch bacteria, fungi and viruses that you feel like a million bucks! That's the normal process. In today's world we don't have time to take out a day or two so that our bodies can heal for us. So we suppress ourselves with medicine and get rid of the fever because it's "dangerous!"

05-FEVER.001This is a major problem we've created. As a result of this a lot of people take antibiotics. If they have an infection they need to get rid of it a.s.a.p. But the problem is that when we do this, we don't actually kill the virus and bacteria, we just render them invisible and inactive. They are still there. This is what we call latent viral or bacterial infections. They can be in your joints. Then you have arthritis in your joints from bacteria that cannot be eradicated by your immune system because the membrane is altered by the antibiotics. It cannot be addressed or eliminated anymore and it just builds up.

That approach has been proven to be detrimental and to cause more damage in the long-term. In Germany, instead of using antibiotics or anything that suppresses your immune system, do you know what they do? They inject you with the virus to boost your fever and boost you into action. Then, you simply stay in bed in the clinic for two or three days and afterwards viral infections go away, tumors go away, Lyme disease goes away, it's amazing!

Let me just reiterate here in case you didn't quite catch the point. Fever is healthy! Fever is a healing reaction which mobilizes your immune system. If you look at a patient that has a fever, their immune system is three times as active. It fires up and takes care of all the things that need to be done. This is why our body has learned to do it naturally. Fever is one of the main treatments for infections.

06-Cells.001I would like to talk about some of the infections that have direct links to some cancers. Hepatitis C for example is a normal virus. It's everywhere, and it's usually not a big problem to have or to transmit. If your immune system is active it won't be flourishing throughout your body. What's interesting is that research shows that the cancers directly linked to hepatitis C include liver cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It's the same with nearly all other infections. Epstein Barr-Virus, Campylobacter infections, Helicobacter pylori, klebsiella, clostridium, candida, Lyme disease. Actually, I once had a client that was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease. After five years of battling cancer by every possible means she was stumped. She had been on hundreds of different remedies, diets, detoxes, lifestyle changes, everything. Then all of a sudden a doctor she went to said "Wait a minute… you have all of the symptoms of Lyme disease…" So they did the test, they checked for Lyme disease, and she was actually responding to it with very high levels. They found out that she had had Lyme disease for many, many years and it was just previously undetected. It was secretly suppressing her immune system.

06-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.173After five full body hyperthermia's, Rife treatment, and rectal ozone, it was all gone. It was phenomenal! Her body responded with such relief! When she went into the hyperthermia dome her temperature shot up so high it was like her body was just craving for that reaction. Her body then started to kill off all the infections, reducing her bacterial, fungal and viral load and it began functioning normally again.

It's so simple! This is why I really get frustrated if your doctor doesn't check for any kind of parasites or gut bacterial infections. A stool test will quickly and easily tell you whether you have a clostridium, klebsiella, or helicobacter pylori infection. It's a very simple thing to test for and it will give you so much information.

07-CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.175It's also a good idea to try and override your gut with healthy bacteria through probiotics and fermented foods to create a stress free, inflammation free, nutrient satisfied body. All of a sudden your body has the power to heal itself! For an extra boost, couple this with a PEMF device. Just 15 minutes with the PMT100 and your immune system is fully active and mobile. We've seen this in hundreds of patients. Even the low volume home devices that we have here will help you activate your immune system.

Then if you make sure your inflammation and acidity levels are down, and your supplementation and oxygenation levels are up, all of a sudden the viral and bacterial infections go away and your body can start to Truly Heal.

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