14. Inflammation

INFLAMMATION.001All roads start with inflammation. If we talk about gut health, the result is inflammation. If we talk about dental health, the result is usually inflammation. Deficiency causes inflammation. Viral infection, bacterial loads… everything is related to inflammation. In this section we're going to go over the different types of inflammation, the tests and then look at the main types that you need to be really careful about.

The first thing we need to do is determine where the inflammation is and define what type of inflammation it is. Acute inflammation such as when you have an injury on your arm that gets red, you feel a burning sensation, then it itches and eventually gets better. That's a healing reaction. That's perfect. You don't want to counteract that. You want to keep it nice and warm because the inflammation is dilating your blood vessels and carrying nutrients and white blood cells to the area so that they can do their job and repair. Heat is great for local inflammation.

Now if that doesn't work and your body can't catch the invader locally, it will set the whole house on fire. That's when you get a systemic fever, and all your troops are mobilized for repair. It's really important to understand the difference. Acute inflammation and acute heat is very positive. The problem is, for example, when you have a flu, don't treat it, take a few pills and keep going to work… you never completely eradicate the virus! This is where lingering, latent, chronic inflammation comes in.

It's been shown that joint problems, knee problems, and osteoarthritis issues are very often related to viral or bacterial infections in your system that never fully resolved. So if you don't get rid of them because you stop your antibiotics too early or you never allow yourself to have a long fever by suppressing it with panadol, then you never truly get rid of those infections. They need to be dealt with and eradicated properly.

We've found something quite fascinating. Often a cancer patient has a hyperthermia treatment specifically for their cancer, but then all of a sudden their joint problems go away, their arthritis disappears, their psoriasis is no more, all of it just resolves and they're like "Wow, that's really great! I've never felt so good!" This is because through the intense heat and fever of hyperthermia all the latent bacterial and viral infections get eradicated because the immune system is in full boost.

INFLAMMATION.002There are many forms of chronic inflammation. It could be musculoskeletal, gut inflammation, dental inflammation, brain and nerve inflammation, or cardiovascular inflammation which involves your arteries and veins and your heart. We also have individual organ inflammation, and dermatological inflammation such as psoriasis or eczema.

A big barrier for patients trying out or accepting the types of treatment options we recommend is the fact that they don’t particularly want to pay for the tests. They will happily pay for expensive treatments because they think they are paying to fix what's wrong with them, but it's tough to pinpoint exactly what's wrong without tests. If you can say with certainty what you need to do to fix the problem, then it's worth the extra money you may spend in the beginning. You will then spend less in the long run.

I really believe that functional testing is a very powerful starting ground. At the clinic in Paracelsus, Switzerland, I fell in love with this approach. They perform a very systematic analysis and check in the first week. They really explore and define exactly what the problem is, and then they start a treatment program which is very focused on fixing what's actually wrong.

This is similar to what we recommend here at Truly Heal. When a client is starting out with one of our practitioners we send out a questionnaire which helps us determine where we should be looking. Then they have mandatory tests for each of the problems identified. This way we have a proper starting point. If we're using inflammation as an example, we would need to conduct a DNA test which would show us where the weakness is from birth.

INFLAMMATION.006The following are some of the tested points and what they indicate:

  • C-reactive protein levels indicate inflammatory illness, chronic inflammation, malignancy, and autoimmune disorders.
  • The ESR (Erythocyte Sedimentation Rate) looks at acute and chronic inflammation.
  • Interleukin 6 is used to aid in the diagnosis of various autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
  • Homocysteine is a test for malnutrition and genetic impairments like the MTHFR, MTR impairments with regards to methylation problems. Depending on where in your body there is likely to be the highest inflammation rates, we would pick the most suitable inflammatory test and then start there.

INFLAMMATION.005There is also a gut permeability test that will show you whether you have leaky gut and if you do to what degree. If it's a very intense form of leaky gut or celiac disease you need to deal with that first. You need to treat this before you even begin to treat cancer because you will have no nutrient uptake, you will be very deficient. Once this is taken care of the chances of results from your cancer treatments will be greatly increased.

INFLAMMATION.008One of my favourite treatments, and I've noticed that the European clinics take it completely for granted, is Ozone insufflations. It has a double effect. Firstly it kills off unhealthy bacteria and pathogens and cancer, and (if taken rectally) it permeates the mucous membrane of your bowel wall and flows straight into the bloodstream then makes its way directly into the liver. It's highly oxygenated, so it's like directly injecting oxygen into the bloodstream. It's a phenomenal treatment. It's inexpensive, very easy and simple.

Another treatment option is a Rife device if you know exactly what kind of inflammation you have and what's causing it. For example Lyme's disease, which causes massive bacterial inflammation, killing them off with a Rife device works phenomenally well. All you have to do is sit there for one hour in the morning and the evening. Do that in intervals of three weeks on, three weeks off. The way it works is you simply hold the device, which consists of two glass tubes, and the currents travel through your body. The device will sweep through the whole Lyme disease frequency and kill off all the bacteria. It's not a fast process. It's not something that you do in 10 seconds and they're dead. It's layer by layer. It's an ongoing process but it works very well.

INFLAMMATION.004The next option is probiotics. Unhealthy bacteria have a resistance. They will protect and defend their space as much as they can. They also thrive depending on what kinds of foods you eat. Certain foods will promote certain types of bacteria. Bacteria that is waiting for celery and kale and never get it starve and don't breed. So depending on what you eat you will create your gut bacteria profile. But if you take probiotics and you have a healthy diet you will change your gut bacteria for the better. This process can take up to six months. If you just take probiotics it can take 6 – 9 months for that gut resistance to shift and establish a good healthy bacteria load - when you stay on the same supplement! Consistency of your probiotc is key here, so stay on the same one or ones for the whole time so they can establish a colony in your gut.

truly-heal-sauna-domeThe elimination diet which we spoke about in the gut health video is a must to determine whether you have food sensitivities. Dental treatments are important if there are any jaw problems, as well as supplements such as omega 3, curcumin, vitamin C, boswellia, and enzymes to aid your digestion are all really great.

Hyperthermia is probably the most powerful because you get your entire viral and bacterial load under control throughout your entire body. So if you have non-stop flus and colds that never really go away, you never seem to be able to get rid of them and they keep building up, have two to four hyperthermia treatments, that really solid fever for one to three hours and they'll be gone! Why struggle for years if you can resolve it in a few weeks?

truly-heal-pemfIn regards to killing off bacteria the PEMF device won't achieve that so much. It just supports oxygen uptake and the regeneration of wound healing mostly. If you have inflammation in your joints, muscles, tendons or nervous system, that's where it works wonders.

This is where we also recommend the nasal laser, the V-Light 810. This helps repair the nervous system. If you want something that deals with viral loads, bacterial loads and nerve inflammation, but you don't have the money to get a PEMF device, I would recommend the 655 Nasal Laser. The 655 is a very powerful device because it flags pathogens, it activates your immune system, and it promotes the killing of viral and bacterial loads. So if that's one of the main causes of your inflammation then it's a great tool that you can use two times a day to get that under control. In the energy department I will dedicate a separate video to those devices so that you understand what they are for, what they do, how to use them and how they can be helpful for you on your journey.

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