13. Toxins

TOXICITY.001Welcome to our world of toxicity. Toxins are all around us and inside of our bodies, but we do have a defence against them. We can utilise detoxification to reverse, heal, and prevent cancer and many other degenerative diseases. As you might know, toxins are quite dangerous. Back when we made the documentary, Dr Rau was showing us research that was conducted on the toxicity of tumours. What they did was cut a section of the tumour from a patient, as well as a section of healthy skin right by the tumour and compared the two for toxicity levels. What they found was that there was a 20 – 40 THOUSAND times higher concentration of heavy metals and phthalates, plastics and xenoestrogens in the tumour than the surrounding healthy tissue.

This raises a few questions such as… was it the chicken or the egg? Was the toxin pocket there first and the cancer started to grow because of those toxins? Or is the cancer a magnet for toxicity that attracts all those heavy metals and plastics and hold them there?

We don’t know the answer to this. There's been no research that proves it either way. Regardless of the way in which it happens, we already declare certain toxins such as mercury as carcinogens. Let's just leave it at the fact that toxins are dangerous for now.

If you have a completely toxic body, then reversing cancer without reversing that toxicity is kind of a joke. Just taking some laetrile and leaving the junk inside your body will not work. You need to get rid of the toxicity all throughout your body if you want to reduce your tumour load. And that's what we need to look at doing.

There are many different forms of toxicity. Including:

  • Dental toxicity which includes bacterial load and heavy metal poisoning.
  • Heavy metal toxicity from coal burning, from the environment that we live in, and from the cheap cosmetics and perfumes we buy.
  • Chemical toxins. We just need to look at all the preservatives and food colours and dies on the labelling of our food to see these. Next time you buy anything from the store look at how many E numbers are on the ingredients list.
  • Environmental toxins. These are all of the fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, that wash into our water systems.
  • Bacterial toxins like those that take hold in your gut such as Helicobacter Pylori.
  • Dietary Toxins
  • And medication and treatment toxins (just read the side effects on your medication labels for these!)

If you read the information about the FDA approval for any medication it will detail how the drug is detoxified by your liver. How the enzymatic process breaks down the toxins in order to remove it from your body. This can be useful when comparing to your own DNA profile. That way you can check whether detoxification of that drug is actually possible for you.

TOXICITY.002Have a look at the "Can You Detoxify ????" chart above. The gentleman in this chart could not detoxify anything at all. Before you have any vaccinations, treatments or expose yourself to a toxic environment, knowing your DNA profile is crucial to your well-being. Even with things as seemingly simple as travelling. I have found that a lot of people that go to third world countries – heavily polluted places such as Mumbai – didn't have adequate immune systems in order to survive the toxicity of the area. Vaccinations for children, some go back to school the next day and they are fine, but others suddenly have seizures and other problems.

TOXICITY.003What this tells us is that it's not the toxins themselves that are causing these issues. Otherwise everyone would be affected.

It's about people's individual ability to handle the toxins.

The DNA impairments image above details all of the different pathways of detoxification. You need to check which ones are working in you. Some of them are for plastics, others for heavy metals. If those pathways aren't working in your body, then you need to stay away from all of those outside toxins! And even if they are working you should stay away from toxins, because they certainly don't do you any good!

TOXICITY.004A hand scan is a good introductory test to conduct to get a good idea of what your heavy metal profile is like.

It's not completely accurate, but it's fast! It can be done within three minutes. If you see an overall toxicity from the hand scan test, then you have quite a clear indication of some heavy metal poisoning. Then you can do a conjunction test such as a liver detoxification profile.

It's not terribly accurate, but the advantage of this test is that within two minutes it gives you a good result that you can then take further and take action on. Additionally, it motivates you when you see results like that. You realize that you're toxic and want to find out what you can do about it.

TOXICITY.005The heavy metal challenging test is a bit of a… challenge to your body because it puts a big burden on your kidneys. It uses a toxic agent to wash out the heavy metals in your system. They consist of IV/oral EDTA, DMPS or DMSA. To conduct the test, your urine is tested several times. First you have a baseline test before you get the treatment, then you have the treatment and another urine test. Then two hours later you have another urine test.

The results of these tests will show you how many toxins are washed out of your body and what kind of toxins they are. Unfortunately, during the test all of the good minerals are washed out as well.

This is why it's crucial that you get these tests conducted at a well-educated clinic that knows exactly what they are doing. To combat this they will usually give you a cocktail of vitamins and good oils so that your body doesn't deplete with the challenging chelation program.

TOXICITY.006The next test is the hair mineral analysis. One caveat for this test is that it doesn't work well for females who dye, colour or treat their hair because that just causes too much toxic strain that will mess up the results. Pubic hair is not useful because it grows too slowly so, the results are often misleading. Plus the test isn't really definitive. Maybe you get a result back saying you have no heavy metals in your hair. That doesn't mean they aren't in your system? They could just be stored around your body!

This is where you have to be very careful. You might not be able to detoxify, which brings us back to our detoxification chart. If you cannot detoxify those heavy metals, then they won't be in your hair or fingernails because you can't get rid of them! You store them and keep them. This is when other treatments such as sweating, clay baths, or hyperthermia are required.

TOXICITY.007Another test which we really like here – especially if the patient cannot detoxify – is the liver detox profile. It gives you a lot of accurate data on what paths and enzyme reactions in the liver are compromised, and which ones you can support with supplementation and dietary recommendations.

If you look at the diagram of the gut you will see the blue vein that is directly connected to the liver. Everything that you digest, every piece of food that is absorbed through that membrane into the bloodstream first goes straight to the liver! Everything we digest, everything we take as nutrients first goes into the liver and goes through the detox cycle. This is important because if you have undigested proteins or fats, then they are clogging everything up.

TOXICITY.008The liver is the most important element of detoxification, and that's why that liver detoxification profile will give you massive clues as to what you need to do. You need to support your liver! This is the number one organ that needs to be cleansed and supported.

To help this process you need a lot of different nutrients and minerals. You need huge amounts of selenium, copper, iron, magnesium, coenzyme Q10, vitamins C, E, and A… it's not just working on its own. It needs food to work properly! This is where we come full circle to deficiencies so that we can see how to restore our liver function.

TOXICITY.009You will find that at plenty of clinics they will give you all sorts of cancer treatments and just give you vitamin C to help your body clean up because it "takes care of most of it." But then you go home and your massive treatment comes to an end and your liver is just exhausted and your body breaks down. The liver is the most important organ to be activated.

To assist it you can do things like perform coffee enemas to help flush out toxins. If you are going to do them, do them five times a day to really clean up, mobilize, and restore it. If you don't help your liver, whether it's thyroid or adrenal or colon cancer, it doesn't really matter. All of them are compromised if you can't get your liver working to maximum performance. This is why we really focus on it.

We've dedicated a whole chapter in our organ health section specifically to liver health. We'll detail how to repair it, how to restore it, and how to support it, so that you get yourself into a self-restoration mode and get back in charge of your healing.

TOXICITY.010I mentioned in our deficiency department that supplementation to detoxify is really an art. Let me give you an overview. All cells have multiple receptor sites surrounding them. In a toxically impaired body, all of those receptor sites are filled with plastic toxins, xenoestrogens, mercury, lead, and aluminium toxins.

These toxins compete for space on the receptor sites with all the healthy nutrients such as zinc, selenium, and magnesium. What this means is that the good nutrients can't get into the cell because all of the heavy metals aren't letting them in the door. If you have low zinc, selenium, magnesium, or iron levels, and you have high levels of aluminium which blocks all your cell membranes, then nothing happens. You can't wash one away and not replace it with something else.

That's why you always need to supplement mineral antagonists in high doses against the element you want to detoxify. There are synergistic nutrients to facilitate the uptake (more on this in the deficiency department) and you also have all of the chelating agents which escort the heavy metals out.

To successfully achieve this, a lot of knowledge about the different heavy metals is required. And because if you aren't using that information every day, you aren't going to remember all of it, and if you forget it, you won't do it. This is why we've built this information right into our app.

You can go through and look at specific heavy metals, you can see the deficiencies, the correlations and links that you need to know, and therefore you can prime yourself in order to detoxify, which will give you a much better chance of getting rid of the toxins. Then once you have all your supplementation levels primed you would start with binding materials.

TOXICITY.008See, the problem is that when you break down a big tumour mass, all of the toxins then travel through your bloodstream and into the liver to be washed.

Let's say to combat this you do a coffee enema. You throw those toxins back into your system to be cleaned.

They travel through your system until they go down into the small intestine, and from there they go right through to the colon.

The colon has one main function, and that is to reabsorb the water. It retains as much water as it can from your food. So, the colon extracts all the liquid and solidifies your stool. What this means is that all the material in that liquid is pulled back into the body. And if you don’t have material that binds to those toxins and you don't prime yourself before you flush out toxins, it doesn't work. To wash out everything with vitamin C in your kidneys is possible, but if there's nothing to bind to the toxins then they are just reabsorbed.

TOXICITY.012If a clinic doesn't prime you and doesn't support you in that process, it's challenging. We use chlorella and fibre and modified citrus pectin because they bind to toxins.

All of our patients are on modified citrus pectin because on one side it binds, and on the other side it has anti-tumour properties. Some more great binders are charcoal, edible clay (I love edible clay! We get ours from New Zealand it's great stuff), zeolite spray/powder, iodine, cilantro, and garlic. Some of these ingredients you will have on hand already such as the garlic and cilantro which will enable you to do plenty of this on your own at home.

TOXICITY.013This brings us to the do it yourself detox treatments that you can do at home in order to improve your detoxification pathways and get rid of heavy metals, plastics and toxicity. The first one that we recommend people do all the time – at least once a week – is the clay bath. You don't need to make it into a thick sludge so that your bathtub is full like cement! Just one cup that you stir into a full bathtub is more than enough to bind all of the toxins.

And enemas! You don't need to do them via water ski! You can simply use a bucket. And remember, with coffee enemas, don't just do one. The Gerson protocol states three – five a few hours apart.

Dependent on your livers capacity to deal with toxins, chances are it's a lot easier on your body to just sweat the toxins out. This is why hyperthermia or far infra-red saunas are really helpful. Far infra-red is phenomenal. You can do it almost daily if you want. You need a bit of electrolytes to replenish what you sweat out, but it's harmless, it's pleasurable, you can do your meditation at the same time. But remember, you can't just do it once and think you're done. It's an ongoing process to pull out those toxins.

If you're interested in far-infrared on steroids, you can use the far infra-red dome. The new ones we have are completely non-toxic. They are made of hemp and are super comfortable. They are also capable of bringing you up to hyperthermia levels of fever to help you really stimulate your immune system. It's convenient and easy to store by folding up into a corner easily.

truly-heal-pemfAnd additionally, if your cell membrane potential is strengthened and the cell is really well charged, it can also carry more oxygen and uptake nutrients a lot better. This means that if you take supplements or have IV treatments, they can actually be taken into the cell, and the cell can then start to restore a healthy balance.

We recommend for home users the Curatron. We've had this in our store for over 6 years now without a single problem or return. It's a well-loved device. They don't change frequency. Really they are amazing. But if you have the money or enough clients to use it clinically and you really want that big bang for your cancer treatments, then you would buy the PMT120 which is the most advanced and most powerful of the ringer devices. It provides a magnetic wave that clears out and recharges all of your cells. It also improves bone density and expedites healing. Having either the ringer or the oscillating device are phenomenal tools that we always for our patients to assist them in detoxification and deficiency programs so that they can successfully restore their health.

cellBut, the most important part of all of these treatments is PEMF. I may have mentioned this already, but it's a really crucial element. Think about your cell. All of your cells have a cell membrane potential on the inside and outside with a positive and negative charge. For each cell 80 millivolts of energy is required to hold it in a stable position. In a healthy cell, all of the sodium and potassium channels are bringing nutrients in and letting go of waste products.

Now, if you have a lot of toxins in your body and cell channels are clogged up, it slowly deflates. It can't take up the good nutrients and minerals that it needs, and as a result it slowly weakens because of the impedance, the inside to outside positive-negative charge is depleted. Eventually it folds together and then just bunches up with other cells. All of your cells are like this. When you recharge your cells with either the oscillating or ringer PEMF device, it cleans out all of those channels. All of a sudden the cell can breathe and take up nutrients again.

They performed a study with PEMF devices. In the study they found that PEMF coupled with chelation therapy doubled the amount of discharged toxins out of your body. So this proves that the PEMF devices allow you to let go of toxins a lot easier. All of those nasty particles that sit on those cells are vibrated off, and then if you have plenty of zinc and selenium, they can actually bind to those receptors now.

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