11. Physical Introduction

PHYSICAL-INTRO.001Welcome to the physical department of the Truly Heal cancer guide. This area consists of things we can touch, check, test and interact with. It's a lot easier to comprehend and manage than those lifestyle choices and the mental sections we went over previously. Let's jump right in.

A diagnosis of cancer will almost certainly lead you to start working on cancer treatments. That's what conventional medicine, and 90% of alternative medicine focuses on and targets. Take laetrile! That kills cancer. Do this and that and it will kill cancer! That's what we promote and publicise and write papers about, to try and prove the treatment's efficacy.

But as you will know by now there is another way that people can go. The hard way. And I really do mean that it's the hard way. It requires a lot more understanding from your physician and practitioner and yourself as a patient. This is the Truly Heal way and it requires you to go and clean up what has caused your cancer in the first place.

PHYSICAL-INTRO.002The Truly Heal protocol is adamant about that. We first look at the underlying problems. Cleaning up your liver, getting your liver restored, cleansing congestion and restoring all the mineral function so that your liver can transform all the hormones into active form and can start the digestion and detoxification processes. If we do all of this and then add cancer treatments on top, all of a sudden they work like a charm.

In the same way, as long as you have heavy inflammation or infections in your gut that cause non-stop suppression of your immune system then there is no chance that you can get rid of cancer cells. First your body needs to deal with the more imminent threat, which is, in this case for example, leaky gut syndrome.

Remember to write down points that stand out to you

Resolving gut health, inflammation, deficiencies, infections, toxicity, organ health and hormones is a mandatory process in order to Truly Heal! You can't just put a Band-Aid on and hope that everything else goes away. For the past 20 years I've seen so many patients go to clinics and spend all their money on cancer treatments. But if all of the other factors are not restored, it's just a temporary fix which might bring relief in the short term, but as soon as you go home and catch up with life, everything starts to deteriorate again. That's why my attempt in this cancer guide is to really make you understand how everything is connected.

While you watch these videos I would like you to take a pen and a piece of paper, and everything that you hear that resonates with you, write it down. This will help you create a proper treatment plan so that you can begin to resolve, restore and Truly Heal!