10. EMF Sensitivity

01-SpectrumWelcome to the world of EMF or dirty electricity! It's something that we all know exists but since we can't see it, sometimes we doubt it. Here in my room there is nothing. It's absolutely clean, right? But, if I turn on a TV and tune in I probably have about 120 TV stations to pick from. These signals must be around here somewhere, otherwise my TV couldn't receive them. We also have hundreds of radio stations and mobile phone frequencies and wireless router frequencies, transmitting all the time. All of these things produce their own frequency bandwidth, and if you have the right device you can tune in to that frequency and receive it.

This is what we call electrosmog. Many of these signals overlay each other and become concentrated and intense. They start at 60 Hertz and go all the way up to the light spectrum. Depending on where they fall within that frequency range they can become more or less dangerous to our body. The frequencies begin in the kilohertz region (which is radio and TV) and then you go up to the gigahertz region (which is mobile phones and wireless routers and fast internet), those things produce an electrosmog that you can't see. This causes your body cellular stress. The body cell kind, not the mobile phone cellular kind.

We have neurons and electrons in our bodies that work via a firing mechanism between the ganglion and the synapse. We are electrical beings. That means we also receive those frequencies on a subconscious level. It's not conscious. However, when you go into an electronic store with thousands of TV's running at the same time you can feel it. It's like a disturbance in the force. It's now becoming more and more evident that people who work in these places develop sensitivities to these frequencies which manifest in skin rashes and allergies as well as emotional and mental problems.

People that have turned sensitive can't even get close to these electronics anymore. They can't hold a mobile phone without getting a physical reaction like a rash. Once you've moved into the stage where your body responds to those frequencies, it's something that you need to avoid for the rest of your life.

EMF-TOXINS.078There is another issue that I want to mention briefly before we continue which is not directly related to humans but has a profound effect on us.

Look around the world today. There is now more and more evidence that when a mobile phone tower is put up, all the beehives in that area start to die out. Bees get disoriented and don't find their way home. If you look at the graph above, you can see the introduction of mobile phone towers in comparison to the dying off of bees around the world. This phenomenon is known as colony collapse disorder, and is something that we need to consider not only for us but also for our environment.

EMF-TOXINS.081Currently there is a lot of hype surrounding the practice of grounding. Grounding is probably not a bad thing to do if you sleep outdoors, but I do not really agree with the grounding mats in your bed. If there are all sorts of wireless signals buzzing around your apartment building or your home and you ground yourself, you simply become a lightning pole! You become the antenna through which everything is grounded. This is not really a good idea because it has been shown to cause adverse reactions in a lot of people.

Something that is 100 times more effective and also more convenient is shielding. Shielding curtains, shielding wallpapers, bed curtains, all of these things are much better at protecting you from the various types of radiation than grounding. Nothing can get to you through this protection, and you will have a safe and sound sleep without disturbing your nervous system by become the lightning pole through which all electricity and magnetic fields travel.

EMF-TOXINS.080To demonstrate this at work you can use a trifield meter. Take your phone and move it just 10cm away from the meter. You will see that there are no more readings. That's all it takes. You can achieve this by putting your phone on the table on loudspeaker or via Bluetooth when you're using it.

Don’t believe in those little stickers that you put on your phone that supposedly get rid of all radiation. They are created by mobile phone companies to make people fall for the illusion that they are safe. If you had blocked the frequency going from your mobile phone to the tower then you would have no reception! It's obviously not working.

Instead of putting those stickers on and spending unnecessary money, simply take your phone and put it on the table on loudspeaker. If you are in the car put it on loudspeaker via Bluetooth. There are plenty of solutions and plenty of ways to protect and shield yourself. It's important that you do so and become active and conscious about it.

EMF-TOXINS.079The Supreme Court in Italy has now declared that mobile phones are related to brain tumors. If you hold them to your head you have a constant stress signal going into your mind via radiation. It causes overheating just like a microwave. In fact, they actually transmit the same frequency as microwaves. A lot of these problems can sort of double up. If you have a high toxic load or your immune system is already compromised through infection, you can be extra sensitive to these issues.

There are also massive amounts of evidence now that show us that if you have your phone sitting directly against your body, the constant signals that it is receiving and transmitting are causing you massive amounts of damage. There are lawsuits and cases about this going on right now. Just because we don't really see it we don’t perceive it as very dangerous. As a repetitive action over a long period of time, it's very detrimental.

This brings us to the end of the EMF section. Don't ignore it just because you can't see it! It's a factor that is proven to cause massive amounts of damage. Over time it accumulates into a serious problem and one that we're only just beginning to see.