09. Dietary Habits

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.083Unconsciously eating unhealthy food is probably one of the biggest problems that we face with regards to toxicity. Most people are not really aware of how they cause slow motion damage to their body by eating foods that they think are fine because everybody else eats them. And they are right! Most people do eat the same stuff because it's everywhere. I want to help you become conscious of these things so that you won't buy those foods anymore and continue to slowly kill yourself.

Let's go through a few points of interest with regards to where our food comes from and how it came to be toxic. Think about feed lots for a second. Usually they are grain-fed. Grain as we now know consist of the GMO frankencorn. It's very cheaply sourced, it's not natural and there's no variety in the diets. Think about chickens. If they were outside they would be eating worms and bugs and all sorts of things. There are a variety of vitamins and minerals that they would get if they ate this way. But unfortunately they are in an environment that is a complete monoculture. This leads to them getting sick. And what do they do to prevent disease from lack of nutrition? Pump them full of antibiotics! Feed lots are actually the biggest consumer of antibiotics in the world.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.084To combat the lack of nutrients and health from their diet and living conditions they have to medicate them so that they do not die before they are ready for sale. By consuming these chickens you inadvertently eat these antibiotics which destroy your gut bacteria and gut lining. It's a deadly cycle.

On top of this, all of them are hormone treated because we want them to grow a lot fatter and faster. The image above shows the difference in the size of a standard chicken from 1950 to 2008. The hormone treatment forces these chickens to plump up faster than they naturally would, and these hormones are then passed on to you through their meat. Ever wonder why we have so many hormone related issues around today?

Chemicals are also involved in making beef look all red and beautiful and 'fresh' in the supermarkets. It wouldn't look like that if it wasn't treated. Not to mention all those bagged salads, they are filled with bromide to keep the salad nice and green, otherwise it would deteriorate. To demonstrate the difference, cut an apple, put it on your desk and in two hours you'll see that it's turned brown. Nowadays you can buy cut apple and it always looks fresh, but the bags are blown up. They are blown up because they are filled with toxic gas just to keep the produce looking fresh, which you then consume. It's not about your health; it's about shelf life and profit. Shop owners need to stock those foods, they treat them in whatever way possible so they stay looking fresh for as long as possible, and don't spoil. Then they won't lose money!

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.085There have been tests on how long some of the ready-made hamburgers buns last. They have no mould and aren't rotting after 10 or 15 years' time. It's quite obvious that this process achieves its goal of keeping a long shelf life, but think about all the anti-bacterial and anti-bug treatments that are needed to achieve this. You then eat this stuff and it kills off the bacteria in your gut too! You have two and a half kilos of bacteria which are in total symbiosis with you. They digest your food. They extract nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and they produce what your body needs to survive. They are the ones doing the digestion. If you kill all of them you only have the bad bacteria left. This bacteria causes devastating symptoms such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, and exhaustion.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.086Now, one of the most predominant, well-known toxic combinations is MSG. MSG is a food enhancer that helps food taste better. It is contained in all pre-made and ready to eat products that you buy from supermarkets. Foods that you just open up, put in the microwave and cook contain massive amounts of MSG. If you combine that with aspartame it causes your body to go into overdrive. It's like running 220 Volt power through a very thin telephone cable. It melts. All your neurons and your whole nervous system over stimulates and you burn out. Dr. Mercola has done a lot of research and published a lot of papers on this. This is especially detrimental in the younger ones, so ensure your children do not ingest this deadly combination.

This concludes our green habitual department. I could talk for hours and cover over a hundred more subjects, but I don't want to do that. I simply want you to become awakened and aware of what you do on a daily basis in your local environment to yourself. If you become conscious and you start changing your habits and your perception, you start getting rid of toxicity, cleaning your body and ensuring that you only put clean and healthy stuff in. Then all of a sudden you realize that you are in charge of your health! Not the doctor!

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