06. Toxic Habits

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.057A toxic habit could be something such as smoking or drinking alcohol. When you look at the words people associate with cancer, it's usually something like smoking or sunlight or… that's about it really! In actual fact there are over a hundred more toxic habits, and it's important we are conscious of them. You can't really avoid all toxins in this world anymore, but you can become much more conscious of what they are and where they come from, and therefore try and avoid them as much as you can.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.058Toxic food is number one. If you look at the amount of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides that are used in our environment and in our sprays, it's shocking. And it's accumulative, because it all sinks into the ground when it's sprayed. Then the next crop grows out of the ground and soaks it all up from the soil! A lot of people say "Oh I just wash it off!" Rubbish! It's in the ground, it's everywhere! It's absorbed into the plant. If you put some cream on your arm where does it go? It gets instantly absorbed into your bloodstream and into your system. Now, do you think plants are different? They absorb everything through their leaves. All the different fluids that fall onto it, and then they store those toxins in the same way that we do.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.059So, anything that you eat that isn't certified organic or from a farmer that you know is burdening your system dramatically. Let's just think about one simple thing. What are those pesticides designed to do? They're designed to kill bugs! Who do you think digests your food? Bugs in your gut! Your digestive system is actually laden with two and a half kilos of bacteria that break down and digest everything in your body. They produce all of the minerals and nutrients and vitamins and everything that your body needs. So if they are killed off then you won't be able to absorb anything. It's a chain reaction. It's not just the toxins themselves, it's the results they give that make them so detrimental. The amount of toxins that are used in fertilizers and plastic and everything else, well, it's very frustrating to say the least.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.060Toxins are broken down into different forms. There are carcinogens which induce cancer and increase the incidence of cancer in the tissue immediately. So if you are exposed to carcinogens, they cause destruction of the cells and lead to cancer. They are directly linked and listed as a cancer causing factor.

Then you have mutagens. They will not have an immediate effect, but they are stored in your cells – especially things such as your ovaries in females – and are then passed on to the next generation. This results in mutagenic or nutrigenomic DNA impairments that you pass on to your children from those toxins. Plastics are a big culprit here.

Then you have teratogens. They also cause hereditary congenital malformations. They are usually from a combination of fertilisers and sprays, and just mixed toxins that cause devastating birth defects and problems that affect the DNA. Many of the children that have that problem won't even survive. There are only a few, and we look at them as a bit of a miracle. Avoid these by all means!

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.061The consequences of plastics surround us everywhere. Plastics are one of the main pollutants. All of the tiny particles such as BPA, PHA, BPS, BPI's attach or leech onto DNA. As soon as they are attached to the DNA they cause those impairments in the foetus. Now, if you have already had all of your children and you're 50 or older, it's only about your own body. But, if you are younger it will have an effect on your offspring. So if from an early age you've had a lot of plastic in your environment then you've already inherited a lot of DNA mutations that you will pass on to your children.

BPA, for example, is all around us. Companies have changed formulations now because BPA became a bit of a curse word. Nobody wanted to buy plastic so they just transformed it into BPS. Now everybody is happy to buy it because it's BPA free! But what they don't think about is that it contains BPS which is equally toxic! It will take a while for that to be dealt with like BPA was, but it will happen!

Stop using plastic and get yourself some glass jars! Cans aren't safe either. The lining of tin cans is full of BPA. It doesn't stop there either. When you install a water tank at your house to save water costs and help the environment (probably standing it in the sun so it leeches all the toxins out from the plastic into the water) you're inadvertently polluting your environment. Then there's the potential toxins and pollutants from the metal pipes and plastic pipes to consider.

The World Health Organization has suggested that third world countries sterilize their water by just filling their plastic bottles from the river and leaving them for 4 to 5 days in the sunshine on their roof so that the plastic toxins sterilize the water. That's actually what happens. All the bugs get killed off and you can drink the water afterwards. It's sterile and 'safe' to drink, but now it's just full of BPA! This is one of the biggest causes of infertility.

If you want to have healthy children, then that's a big no-no! You have to stay away from plastics. Raise your children without plastic and have them detoxify and get rid of the plastic pollution, because otherwise the cycle keeps getting worse with each generation.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.062To demonstrate how dangerous these chemicals are I'll briefly touch on the agouti mice study. The agouti mice study took two identical twin field mice. They were each put in a cage and subjected to exactly the same environments except for the BPA content of their food. No other differences. Now, the image above is of the fourth generation of mice. You can see that it's obese, it's coat has changed colour, and it's tripled in size. The fifth generation in the top right hand corner has tumour growths, a significantly decreased lifespan and is almost infertile.

All of those changes happened within five generations. We are now in the third human generation since plastics were introduced. We are moving in that direction very quickly.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.063I suggest you watch a great movie called Bag It. It's about plastic bags and how they destroy our environment. Grab a cotton bag when you go shopping. Go to local farmers markets. Change your lifestyle! When you start to Truly Heal, you not only truly heal your body and your life, but also your environment and everything that surrounds you. You start to become conscious of what we do to this planet and this world. So do a bit of your own research on BPA and infertility. I promise you'll be amazed at what you read.

A big problem is that when children are born we think that they come from heaven and they are totally pure. Well, in actual fact they come through the mother! They are their mother's child, which means they inherit all of the DNA damage, the mutagens and the toxins the mother has accumulated. All of the powders, asbestos fibres, and other toxic materials.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.064All the toxins are absorbed by the babies. Ken Cook from the environmental health group has made a stunning documentary where they show us blood tests from 10 American babies that have just been born. They test their blood, the umbilical cord, and find about 287 toxins. 134 of these toxins cause cancer. It's this bad already at birth!

Think about a foetus. At the beginning it's just one cell and then it starts to develop into many. Now, if there are toxins in there and those toxins are carcinogenic – cancer causing – and the cells divide and multiply, then they will already – in the primary state of development – cause so much damage that it's no wonder that we have children today with brain tumours and massive sarcomas at the ages of two.

It's not because there's something wrong with those babies, it's because for generation after generation we have caused more damage to our DNA with our plastic, toxic lifestyles. We have bombarded our bodies with infections and bacteria which we can't handle anymore. It's a wakeup call. Cancer is a wakeup call about what we have caused this planet and this world.

Petrea King said it very well when she said "Cancer patients are the canary's of the coal mine." They are the first ones susceptible to the disease. But they should be the warning for the rest of the world. That's what cancer is today. It's a signal telling us that we are killing everybody! It's a fact that every third person is diagnosed with cancer. By this point it's a very dead canary in that cage, and is why we need to instantly react. That's the reason I'm so passionate about this.

Now it's interesting to consider that 186 of these toxins cause infertility. Is that planned? Is that to reduce overpopulation on our planet? If you don't want your family lineage to die out, get rid of toxins.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.065On to another serious issue about toxicity: GMO's or Genetically Modified Organisms. If you haven't considered GMO's a problem yet then you need to watch Seeds of Death by Gary Null. It's a very educational movie.

If you look at the research of rats fed on GMO corn compared to the rats fed without GMO, you'll discover that they grew huge tumours by the third generation. After that you will never touch anything which is GMO again. They call it frankencorn. What they've done is genetically modified the corn to contain the pesticide within its DNA. This is guaranteed to cause devastation to our bodies, so just stay away from that stuff and you'll be fine. Make sure you buy certified organic food!

Every time I go through this section it feels like I'm the doomsday man! It's quite challenging because there are so many pollutants that we need to be careful about and sometimes we don't even have a choice anymore! Take female bras for example. There is nothing but synthetics anymore. That's just it. No knitted or self-stitched bras or coconut shells anymore! Most cotton bras don't hold. So its plastics and plastic breathes out a plethora of petrochemicals into the skin. Petrochemicals are all of the petroleum oil and flame retardant chemicals that are in plastics and they get absorbed straight into your skin in the same way that the BPA's and BPI's do.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.066On top of this, underwire bras are causing problems with women's lymphatic systems, which means that the lymph system can't transport all of the toxins away. Due to this we get stagnation of the lymphatic system which in turn causes fibrosis disease and all sorts of other problems. So be careful! Let them swing when you're at home in a relaxed environment! When you go out at night and you want to be chic then that's okay, but if you don't have to use them then stay away. Use clean organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. There are so many great fabrics around today that will make your life happier, more comfortable and healthier. So stay away from synthetic, underwear especially, because that's where it's most dangerous.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.067The next point we're going to touch on is water. Tap water, swimming water, filtered water… there is always a big discussion about what kind of water is okay. Drinking out of a plastic bottle is probably the worst, although drinking tap water – depending on where you live – can be worse. This is because all of the medication, hormones, endocrine disruptors, radioactive materials from the rain, petrochemicals, and heavy metals can be running through there.

I'm going to say this now, and I think of it as a no-brainer but you should get a water filter! Having your water filtered before you drink it is very important. However, do you know where it's most important? Under the shower! The problem is that your lungs absorb material much more readily than your skin. From your lungs whatever you breathe in (if it's small enough) goes directly into your bloodstream. So install a filter for your shower. It's simply a little filter that you screw onto your shower head that contains cartridges which you exchange every two or three months. Then you'll have clean water to shower with, clean water to drink, and that should do the trick. If you have a bath tub and you want to have a bath, put in the water some EDTA or zeolite powder and some magnetic clay that binds toxins and you're safe. Use these tips to protect yourself and to stop polluting your body even further.

As I've said, it's a slow motion process of killing yourself. One bath or shower won't kill you, but doing it every day adds up dramatically. Put ten dollars away a day for a year and all of a sudden, you have accumulated a fair bit of money!

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.068If you haven't read the book Toxic Beauty by Samuel Epstein then you should get your hands on a copy as soon as possible. It's hard to describe just how toxic and dangerous cosmetic beauty products are. All the cheap cosmetics that you buy in the supermarkets and malls, they all come from Asia and are highly, highly toxic. Put them on and they're instantly absorbed into your body.

Everything that is absorbed into your body is absorbed into your bloodstream. From there it goes directly into the liver. As a result of this the liver has to detoxify huge amounts of toxins every day. If your liver is impaired or challenged or stressed, it will just recycle those toxins and store them somewhere in your body. That is when cancer develops.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.069Right now there is a big lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for their baby powder being carcinogenic. As of now I think it's up to 500 cases that are claiming over $60 million in damages. And as it was already shown in 1973 that the fibre of the powder was equally as carcinogenic as asbestos fibres, the chances that they will win are very, very high. This is baby powder! Most people use this with their children! Our most vulnerable beings and we just fill them up with this toxic stuff!

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.070Now this brings us to the toxic chart. If you do a toxic panel, and look at all the different heavy metals that are in your body such as aluminium, silver and mercury, you will find, as with most people, that you have dangerously high levels in your system. If you have fillings or certain types of dental work you will find high levels of these metals in your test results as they are absorbed into your bloodstream. We do hundreds of these tests and all of them show massive amounts of toxicity within every patient. There are a lot of impairments that people cannot detoxify properly because their liver is too congested. If that's the case, all those little toxins get stored in your body until they manifest themselves into some kind of cancer.

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