05. Sleep Habits

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.049The first subject we are going to look at in this department is sleep. The most unconscious department of all! When we go to bed we're (hopefully) completely unconscious until we wake up. If you are awake through the night or you have to wake up to go to the toilet all the time that will disturb and challenge your sleep. Let's take a look at what happens when you go to bed.

This image has evolved from conversations with a very good friend of mine, Dr. Reza Samvat. It has helped make the understanding of sleep very clear to me. In the evening it gets dark. As soon as the sun starts to set your body begins producing melatonin. Melatonin is the chairman of your sleep board meeting and he's calling for a meeting. At the table the agenda is detoxification, healing/repair/immune system, growth, reformatting of emotions and emotional memory, memory consolidation, and learning. It's interesting to consider that during the day you accumulate knowledge, but learning only happens during the night.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.050So, this is the agenda, and as soon as melatonin calls for a board meeting, serotonin, dopamine and all the hormones needed are produced in your body. They all have to be present in adequate levels for you to fall asleep. When you're too tired or too exhausted, what happens? You go to bed and you can't sleep! This is a significant problem. It happens when you have exhausted your resources. Falling asleep is not possible because the body needs to have adequate amounts of energy for the healing process to begin and to fulfill the sleep agenda. You will be rolling around with restless legs until your body has recovered enough in order to start the sleep process for the night.

All healing happens during the night! All repairs happen during the night! All detox happens while you sleep, when your mind is gone and the body can relax and go into the healing phase. This is why sleep is actually associated with healing. When children get sick what do they do? They sleep! And during sleep they heal.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.051Now let's look at the mental state that allows you to sleep. In the Beta stage you are wide awake. At about 12 – 15 hertz, that's when you're really awake. Then you go down into Alpha, which is a state of relaxation, sleepiness, and tiredness. The Alpha state is actually what you activate when you do candlelight gazing, breathing exercises, or reading of a boring book. Next you go into Theta. Theta state is when you're falling asleep. Theta is the sleep cycle that you hold during most of the night except for a few exceptions which we'll talk about in a moment.

Theta sleep is where your detoxification happens, and some of the healing takes place. Not most, but some. It's where you detox, relax, repair and get everything sorted. The Theta stage is also when your pain goes away. We'll mention that right now because it makes complete sense. You have a cold or cough or toothache, or all sorts of pain, then when you go into a Theta state of sleep and you don't feel pain anymore. But when you wake up in the morning it comes back. So the Theta state is where your brain deactivates the connection to your body and your nervous system. This is very significant because you can get into that Theta state during the day through specific exercises, such as breathing exercises and certain mind games. There are actually tools and devices which you can use to get into that painless state even while you are awake and conscious. The frequency of the Theta state is around 5 cycles per second.

Next you go into Delta. Delta is where you rejuvenate and repair your organs. It's where the biggest portion of healing happens. Wound healing is expedited during that time. Those of you who have studied homeopathy will know that there is an organ time. There is a certain time for every organ to be repaired and to be active. Your heart, liver and kidneys, all of them have a certain time during the night when their repair mechanisms are fully active.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.052So these phases are the non-REM cycle - No Rapid Eye Movement. After the Delta phase, the cycle goes back up through the three other stages returning to the Alpha state. This is when the REM cycle kicks in. Looking at the next chart you can see the cycle over a full night time sleep. The first stage you move down all 4 phases, into the very low level of Delta. Then you move slowly back out up to the first REM cycle. During REM lots of things are happening such as memory consolidation, learning, emotional repairing, and the sorting out of emotional triggers. After the first cycle of REM you'll notice that you then only ever go down as far as the Theta level. You don't go all the way down to the Delta cycle like in the previous phase of sleep.

It's important to note that deep healing happens in the first phase of sleep, before midnight, where you enter the Delta cycle. So for those of you who go to bed after midnight and keep doing that for a long period of time, you actually deplete your body and don't allow it to heal. It's like taking money out of the bank without putting any money back in. Unfortunately, because that cycle is controlled by your sleeping cycles and environment, this cannot be gained back. Once you don't go to bed before midnight for a long period of time you deplete that account. You exhaust your body and you will deteriorate health-wise because that's when the healing happens.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.053This is why it's really significant that you make it a habit to go to bed (at least during the week) early, like 9 or 10 o'clock. Get that long sleep cycle before midnight, and then go through those REM phases. You can see the Theta levels get shorter towards the morning. And in the morning you have longer REM cycles. Every single night. Looking at the image, you would be able to now see how a disturbance to your sleep will have an effect on whatever the healing process is happening at the time as it is interrupted. This is why it's so important to induce a healthy sleep and to create a healthy sleeping environment. I can't stress this enough.

Don't just see your bedroom as a room that you fill with all sorts of stuff. I call it my sanctuary. I call it my healing environment. This is actually where my body heals, so I keep the bedroom as clean and dust-free as possible. No decorations, no electronics, no Wi-Fi or anything. Not even an electric light. We have a curtain to pull closed so that the daylight or streetlights don't shine in, a bed, and that's it really. Make your bedroom your healing environment.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.055The next thing I would like you to look at is your mattress. If you sleep on a mattress that fumes out formaldehyde or all sorts of toxic vapours like mercury that are detrimental to your health, then it doesn't belong in your healing environment! Nobody wants to be poisoned in their sleep! Some of them have metal springs that emit a harmful magnetic field while you sleep. That's not good! If your mattress is uncomfortable and hard and causes you to pinch and cut off nerves while you sleep, then that's also not good. All of those things need to go.

The best mattresses you can buy are latex or wool ones. Neither of them takes on any germs or bugs or anything. They are easily maintained and really comfortable. A wool cushion or a latex mattress will help you drastically improve your sleep. When you go to most of our clinics that are conscious (not all of them are!) they are in a non-toxic environment. And sometimes for patients, just simply being out of their old toxic place and in our non-toxic environment will make them feel much better. So sleep is very important! You don’t want to underestimate it. It's your body's prime healing time.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.056Now, this next point doesn't only apply to your bedroom. It could be in your office or any environment where you spend most of your time. Geopathic stress. This is something you can assess very easily with a dowser. Take a dowsing rod and check out the room. Walk by the right side and the left side and check to see if there are any faults that you can detect. If you are sleeping on one of those cross-lines then it's very unhealthy. Many, many cancers have been linked to geopathic stress. So if you live in an environment where there is a lot of granite or metal veins through the ground, or rips, breaks or water streams that could cause turbulences, this will cause a very unstable magnetic field surrounding. That instability is then transferred through to your body. We've done a lot of tests, such as we asked six or seven people using the same dowsing rod to walk up and down the road and pinpoint where they could feel certain energies. Most of them drew the line at exactly the same place as each other. If you feel that this is overwhelming and you don’t trust yourself, then look for a local dowser or diviner and have them come and take care of it for you.