04. Habits & Patterns

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.048Welcome back to Truly Heal from Cancer and welcome to our Vital department.

The Vital department is an addition to the normal "body, mind and spirit" We've added this bad habit department as the green section because it is crucial that we look at the things that we do every day.

All habits can either support or deteriorate our health, and it doesn't happen fast, it happens in 'slow motion'.

So we're looking at the things that we do routinely. When talking about habits we need to understand that most of them are quite unconscious. That's just how we grew up, or that's how we learned, or that's how our parents did it. We do these things without thinking about them.

Remember to write down points that stand out to you

Just like when you're driving a car and thinking about something else while you're driving, the driving becomes unconscious. When you arrive you think whoa! How did I get here?

I had asked in the mental and spiritual departments, what is the main purpose of life? And the answer was to become conscious in order to have a choice. Whatever you do, if it's unconscious and you keep doing the same thing then you will always get the same outcome!

We want to reverse and to prevent cancer. So, instead of doing what we did before we need to do it differently, and in order to do it differently we need to become conscious.