02. A New Beginning


CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.006Before we go on I would like to properly introduce myself. I am Marcus Freudenmann. I'm not a doctor and I'm not a scientist. I'm a researcher, movie-maker, author and an architect.

I started my journey when a friend passed away from cancer and we felt that helplessness that everyone who has a friend or relative with cancer feels. How can we help people in similar situations? We decided that we needed to find out more about it. So I travelled around the world; I took my whole family with four kids and we travelled for two and a half years visiting over a hundred of the world's leading clinics, doctors, and scientists, that deal with cancer every day.

The journey took us to New Zealand and Australia, all through India and Thailand, then all over Europe, Mexico, America and Canada. You can imagine that we got a wide variety of different approaches, of different possibilities, and that lead us to make the movie Cancer is Curable NOW.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.007Unfortunately, once the movie was made and printed and we had all of our copies right there in front of us I didn't like the name anymore. I didn't like it because it put us into the category of selling cures, which is not what we want. We want to educate people and to bring them knowledge and information on how to resolve their problems.
After a little while we decided to change the name to Truly Heal and we completely started fresh.

We threw out all the old DVD's. We deleted many of the presenters that were selling cures when we later found that they lacked integrity and replaced them with doctors that we know have their whole heart and their whole life in this subject and are doing their best possible to help people.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.008Once we had the project finished and everything done with regards to the backend, the member's area and the website, I was preparing for a presentation which I was quite nervous for because there was going to be a lot of doctors and oncologists present. So I created a mind map for myself which you can see here. It grew over time and was filled with more and more content.

The mind map grew almost out of proportion, and eventually it became the foundation of our program. You can see that it's comprised of seven columns and they're actually over six metres long when you unfold them all.

As a result of this we've broken the whole process down into a very systematic approach. We look at gut health first. Then we look at all the inflammatory markers and inflammation in the body that needs to be resolved in order to give your immune system a boost. Then we look at deficiencies, organ health, and toxicity. Everything is nicely separated. It's very clear which tests and treatments are associated with which ailments. So that we don't treat something that is overwhelming, we break it into individual parts and resolve one at a time. That really makes a huge difference.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.009Now the big problem was that the mind map was so overwhelming that it was almost impossible to hold. When we set it up it covered a whole wall and was quite difficult to navigate. We had the idea to condense it into an app, and so that's what we did.

Now we have the whole mind map, the whole program as a protocol to be used in the app. It's really simple for health practitioners; they can work through with their patient sequence by sequence without forgetting anything. Without ignoring any of the factors that are relevant to get that immune system working or to resolve the conflict that suppresses the immune system. For patients it's a great way to ensure that they have the right approach and don't miss anything because their doctor is not aware of a specific subject or field.

We also have a full on educational training program for coaches, health professionals and doctors which covers every single aspect of cancer treatment that we learned on our journey.

Plus we provide the app with the coaching program so that people can actually work through and have the whole thing – whatever they need – in one place.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.011We certify our health coaches when they are done. After every chapter they go through (there are 62) they have an assignment to complete, and we work one-on-one with them to really achieve maximum results. To ensure they understand what it's all about. They cover the mind, dental issues, everything. Nothing is forgotten. Once they are certified they even have the ability to get insurance as a coach – which is very important to have.

So the whole concept is one big training program. It starts with this program for patients and it extends to a full on qualification and certification program where health coaches and professionals can work with the app and have a protocol that covers every aspect that needs to be looked at.