01. Immune System

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.003The very first question we need to ask ourselves is: Why do some people respond to treatments so well? Whether they are treated with hyperthermia, Artemesia, or Laetrile, their tumour just shrinks away and disappears while others have the same treatment – or ten times those treatments – and nothing works. No response.

The reason is because all of these treatments depend on the main actor.

That's what you can see here in this little video. This is actually our main actor. The immune system deals with all pathogens, all cancer cells, all virus and bacteria load, mould, everything that shouldn't be in your body. They detect and check, and then once they find the pathogen they eat it up and dissolve it and it passes through your stool.

It's like a constant clean up system. There are millions of these little white blood cells that travel around your body and clean everything up. They are your defence, and whether you have natural treatments or any other treatments, they have to clean up the aftermath.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.004Now let's look at these immune soldiers in more detail. Imagine them as your personal immune army. If they are completely exhausted by bad nutrition, if they are deficient, overworked, or if they have too many battles to fight or the environment in which they work is very hostile, then they can't defend you efficiently. Think about soldiers in a swamp, stuck in mud, completely exhausted, without food and little oxygen. That's pretty much how these soldiers feel in an unhealthy body.

You can see that in the lifeblood analysis here – all the red blood cells are clotted up, which means there is a lack of oxygen. Then you have the white blood cells highly compressed – they are very small, almost the size of a red blood cell and they have no nuclei or any activity. Compared to the one you saw before moving, they sit still and don't move. It doesn’t really matter what kind of guns you give to such a soldier, they don't know what to do with it. They're stagnant. This is the big difference between a patient that responds to a treatment and a patient that doesn't. So cleaning up the environment, cleaning up the milieu, giving them the right nutrition and helping them to resolve all those battles is key to recovery.

CANCER-GUIDE-IMAGES.005This brings us to our super soldiers which you can see here. That's actually after a 15 minute treatment with PEMF. These are the same immune cells from the same person after a 15 minute energizing treatment. You see the white blood cells have tripled in size. You see the individual nuclei. They move through the blood exactly like you saw in the video before, chasing bacteria, chasing cancer cells, and that's what we need to achieve. To bring those soldiers to full speed and energy so that they can resolve all the things that are wrong in your body.

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