Functional Medicine Health Coaching Course

After most chapters you will find a quiz, which you are required to answer before moving to the next chapter. 

Click the first quiz to begin. (see arrow) 

Not all, but after most chapters you find a quiz you have to answer.

There are several possibilities to contact your teacher:

  1. You directly email your teacher with a question etc.
  2. You write to your teacher when you answer a quiz question.
  3. When you go to your statistic and click view on a certain question (you find your answer you have submitted there and also the teacher comment to your answer) you can write a comment to your teacher.

Yes, as soon as your quiz has been graded you get a notification via email.

You also can check your grades under your statistics.

You will receive an email if you have successfully passed a quiz. You also receive an email if you have to amend a question or more.

Under your statistics you can also check your grades and teacher comments.

All quizzes need to reach 100% grading. But don't worry, if there is a question wrongly answered we will give you the possibility to amend the answer.

We also will explain and help you to understand the question if needed.

This way we make sure that all questions are understood and correctly answered.

If an answer needs to be corrected, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox.

You will receive a direct link that leads you to the question which needs to be amended. 

Very often your teacher leaves a comment even when graded with 100%

To see if your teacher left a comment go to your profile

By clicking Instructor Notes, you see all commented questions. By clicking “View” you can read the comment.

We will grade questions very fast. Sometimes it can take two working days until a quiz is graded.

Also we normally don’t work on a weekend.

You can send in four quizzes until you are forced to wait for the grading.

Copying is not learning.

You only learn when you reformulate the answer with your own words.

Don't worry!

We don't look at grammar, style or spelling mistakes.

Sure you can take the course.

But keep in mind that the course material is written in English, as well as you have to reply in good English in all quizzes and final exam written evaluations.

You need the overview and knowledge to be able to help your clients to find the root cause of disease.

It is our goal to teach and educate you to understand that every person is different and many factors and circumstances can lead to each individuals dis-ease.

We have to look at an individual as a whole: Physical body, Habitual body, Mental and Spiritual body.Therefore we have to cover all aspects first before we can tie it all together.

As soon as you have started the course you will be supplied with all login details and information how to use the app.

Up to 2 years to complete the program from the date of enrollment. As a self-paced online course it can be completed in as little as 6 months. The course is an online portal and can be started anytime from anywhere.

You have life time access to the course material after successfully completing the course (including final exam)

Courses in general

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Course refund

Sorry, we don't refund any money. We are absolutely sure that you will love the course material presented and will be very satisfied at the end of the course.